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Published: 11 November 2017

Posted by: Anonymously

I believe, and documents show, that I have been the victim of a predatory loan and/or fraud. Then in 2011, a representative from CU MEMBERS MORTGAGE, a division of COLONIAL SAVINGS, F.A., servicers of the loan we have with DIAMOND CREDIT UNION in Pennsylvania, called me about paying the amount due. In the course of the conversation, he stated that I should have never gotten this loan and that I could not afford it.I believe, and documents show, that I have been the victim of a predatory loan and/or fraud. Long story short, Diamond Credit Union, 2626 W. Freeway, P.O. Box 2988, Fort Worth, Texas 76113 filed a Complaint in Mortgage Foreclosure. The ‘Verification’ which is attached to the complaint is signed by Cary W. Adams, Senior Vice-President, Colonial Savings, F.A. The thing is, there is no Diamond Credit Union in Fort Worth, Texas; but, there is a Colonial Savings, F.A. at that address. Needless to say, the Common Pleas Court found in favor of Diamond Credit Union in Fort Worth, Texas. Facts: Applied for a loan of $214,000.00 with Diamond Credit Union, 1600 Medical Drive, Pottstown, PA 19464 on or about April 1, 2007. Received Notice of Right to Cancel on April 5, 2007 and believed that I did sign a Mortgage with Diamond Credit Union, Pottstown, PA on April 9, 2007 On April 1, 2007 Diamond Credit Union Closed the Loan I was getting, Conventional Real Estate Loan including Purchase Money First. (That is correct what you are seeing! I had a loan which was ‘CLOSED’ before I got the Notice of Right to Cancel on April 5, 2007 and before I signed any alleged Mortgage papers on April 9, 2007). On April 18, 2007, a Mortgage was recorded in Berks County, Pennsylvania stating that Diamond Credit Union, Pottstown, PA 19464 is the owner of the Mortgage I supposedly signed for; and, it still is the same to this date of this report. There has been no recorded transfers, yet the suit is filed, not amended, that Diamond Credit Union, On June 1, 2007, Diamond Credit Union in Pottstown, PA transferred this Mortgage to Colonial Saving, F.A.; Conventional Real Estate Loan including Purchase Money First. September 7, 2007, a ‘Mortgage Loan History belonging to Colonial Savings, P.O. 2988, Fort Worth, Texas 76113 which indicates no date but a beginning Principal Balance of $213,673.27; and shows first payment being September 7, 2007 of $2,310.00; Escrow being $510.57; Escrow Balance being $510.57; Interest listed as $1,691.58; Principal listed as $107.85; Principal Balance of $213,565.42; Optional Insurance is $0.00; Late Fees listed as $0.00; and unapplied Funds or Miscellaneous Fees being $0.00. Noted on this Mortgage Loan History is a date of 12/31/2007. In 2011 there was a loss of income and Survivor Benefits. CU MEMBERS (Colonial Savings founded this Credit Union) sent me the notice to apply for a modification which I did; however, I was told that the investor refused any recommendations for modification and that Diamond Credit Union is a private members credit union and they are not subject to federal re-modification mandates. Presently, a Summary Judgement was enter based on bogus information which is very evident. I am being forced to move and have to claim bankruptcy. It upsets me to know that I am not the only one this is happening to. Unfortunately, their pockets are deeper (thanks to us who they trample on) and I cannot afford an attorney to fight and expose them for the injustices and crimes they are committing against the ‘consumer’. I would like very much to hear from others who are going through this same injustice. I have proof of everything I stated here and it is a matter of public record but they are still allowed to continue this illegal activity. By the way, they are both ‘Black Listed on the MERS website’ as well. .

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