Diamond Vip Casino

Diamond Vip Casino

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Published: 31 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I deposited $500 to RomeVIPCasino.com on Dec 10th. My credit card descriptor says WWG Online. | I won $1,200 on top of my $500, but when I went to check out, the company who operates the casino Top Game Technology refused to pay. | The cashier option in the Rome VIP Casino game didn’t let me check out.So I called them at 1-888-260-5298 and spoke to an account manager named Jay. I should note that if you check online, you will see that same telephone number is used to operate several of Top Game Technology’s games. | Anyway, Jay claim that to check out, I need to win over $2,500. So I asked just to refund my $500 that I originally deposited. He refused claiming he didn’t have authority, so I asked to speak to his boss. | Jay transfered me to a gent name who claimed to be in charge of operations for Top Game Technology and the one who handles all financial transactions for the games. | Mr. said that his brand RomeVIPCasino.com and DiamondVIP-Casino.com are having some banking problems and promised within a week I’d get my money. He asked me to register an account with BetsIncome.com claiming that affiliate site makes it easier for him to make payouts. He also suggested that I could make lots of money by referring gamers. | It’s been almost a month and every conversation turns into a different excuse. I wouldn’t have made a RIP OFF REPORT if I didn’t catch the guy in a flat out lie. | originally said the problem with payment was related to some investigations relative to credit card fraud of his clients, but it was nothing to worry about. In a different conversation, he claimed he never said such a thing and that the problem with his bank being under investigation. | In the last conversation, he denied both of the above and claimed that all payments to all players and affiliates we’re late cause of end of the year taxes and holidays. | Long story short, it’s clear the entire operation is a fraud and I’ll never see neither my original $500 or the winnings. Anyway, filed a report with my credit card agency.

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