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Published: 23 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I took my first and ONLY cruise ever on Norwegian Cruise Lines(Norwegian Pearl) out of Seattle to Glacier Bay over Memorial weekend in May 2013. I later learned from an experienced cruiser that the average 3 hour per day lectures and bombardment from Diamonds International staff on board, is routine ans such a RIPOFF that experienced cruisers know to steer clear from these shipping industry owned (Princess, Norwegian, Carnival, etc) jewelry store scams. But, as they know, we first timers fall for the hours of indoctrination and tales of GREAT deals due to the duty free shopping and exclusive pricing ONLY they (Diamonds International) can provide. Crock!! So upon our first shore visit, with the promise of a free pair of tanzanite studs (you need a microscope to see they are so small), I did the obligatory visit with a friend goading me into it. When i saw the actual prices versus the verbal prices given onboard, i tried 3 times to walk out of the store in Juneau, only to be literally collared by no less than 3 foreign ( mexican, Dominican, etc gang type sales guys in suits brought in for nothing less than to strong arm seniors into buying). They brought me a stool when I said I was tired (and wanted to leave), water when I waś thirsty (to leave) and even the sleazy couple from the ship (Linda and Albert) were there pressuring the sale. “what a great deal” they kept saying. After bracelet upon bracelet was put on my wristS without me asking, I eventually caved in as 3 to 5 sales people pressured me to purchase a bracelet originally priced at $2200 (6.25 carats tanazanite & 3.25 diamonds in silver ((not gold)) for $1100 including a worthless single drone silver necklace. Since returning home I’ve discovered it’s worth (on a good day) about $250!!! I’m so angry at myself for being pressured and scammed I have not worn the bracelet ever. I will also NEVER CRUISE NORWEGIAN, PRINCESS OR CARNIVAL EVER and go on numerous sites to warn others to NOT FALL FOR THESE DIAMOND INTERNATIONAL SCAMS! It’s shameful that the cruise lines do this to tjeir patrons. i will NEVER CRUISE AGAIN and will continue to warn others against it from here on out! .

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