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Published: 19 June 2018

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I have never seen such injustice. In my opinion, Judge Diana Lewis is the worst foreclosure judge that I have ever watched rule on the bench. I have been in her court room countless times and have watched her bias and brash rudeness each and every time. I have seen rudeness and watched her belittle many attorneys and defendants. I have heard her tell her junior assistant before the hearing even begins that she will NOT be giving any more time to anyone greater than 30 days. No matter what the circumstances. In my opinion, she has no regard for the people and has a complete bias to soley go through cases and clear up the docket and seems more important than just rulings. Hear what sunsentil has to say and in Judge Diana Lewis OWN WORDS “We’re under a mandate from court administration, Supreme Court, to get the older cases out. Because we might lose funding for that. The timeline and the funding were more important to Lewis than a humane outcome.” http://articles.sun-sentinel.com/2014-08-14/news/fl-endorsements-palm-beach-judicial-20140814_1_bar-poll-incumbent-judge-second-chance Many Attorneys are agreeing with what one attorney is saying “Right now, we have an issue with the incumbent judge. Last time, she was given a second chance. And I don’t think she did well with that second chance.” WE NEED TO GET HER OFF THAT SEAT AT ALL COSTS! In the Florida BAR poll stated in the same article above states: Many lawyers agree with the challenger. In the most recent Palm Beach County Bar Association poll, from 2013, more lawyers made an effort to rate Judge Lewis — 216 — than responded for any other judge. In category after category, such as impartiality and common sense, the lawyers said Judge Lewis “needs improvement.” For “judicial demeanor and courtesy to lawyers,” 19 respondents said she was “excellent,” but 147 said she “needs improvement.”

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