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A terrible billing system!

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Published: 21 May 2019

Posted by: Eric

Whenever I used to visit the place, most of the times they’d tell me about an overdue balance. According to them, I didn’t pay the full amounts of their bills. This went on for a considerable time. But eventually, I realized that they were scamming me. So I stopped going there. This place is just filled, scammers and cheaters. Their primary goal is to get as much money from your pockets as possible. They used to add $50 or sometimes $160 to the previous bill and then urge me to pay them. At first, I had thought their billing staff was clumsy or careless. But later on, I realized that they just used to add such due balances to paid bills only. According to them, I hadn’t received the full invoice at those times. What a rubbish way to justify their misdeeds! Anyway, I had to visit that place on quite a regular basis because I had gotten my braces there. I was coping this nonsense because I had read somewhere that it’s a bad idea to change dentists during orthodontic treatment. So I was tolerating this nonsense. I had told them to give me a proper invoice. I had grown tired of paying them for those already-paid bills. But even after my numerous complaints, these people didn’t do anything about it. That made me more suspicious. And it also made me realize that these people might be scamming me. I had found out about Dietrich Orthodontics from a friend. He had gone there for quite a while and was really satisfied with their service. Now either the staff has changed or my friend didn’t go there for a long time. Because currently, Dietrich Orthodontics is nothing but a big sham. Those people are just scamming their patients. They lie to you and give you forged invoices. Their purpose is to deceive you. Moreover, they blame you for not paying their full invoice. I fully understand that these people were scamming me. I was a fool to think otherwise. I have paid them considerable sums in the past. The last time I went there, I had an argument with their billing staff. I had asked them how it was possible for them to forget $100?! It’s a considerable number and no one forgets to add a hundred bucks in their invoice. They told me, I must’ve forgotten to take the final invoice. Like all the time, they were putting the blame on me. When I discussed this issue with others, they made me realize that I was getting scammed at Dietrich Orthodontics. I haven’t visited the place ever since. And I won’t go there in the future too. I would recommend you to stay away from this place as well. They’ll try to scam you as well. I’m quite happy with my current dentist. You’d be safer and better off by not visiting Dietrich Orthodontics as well. I hope my story helps you in making an informed decision.

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