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Published: 03 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I brought a laptop in to Digital Doc in Edmond Ok, I was having issues with the charger. They did great work, the fixed it quickly, communicated adequately, and I thought everything was great. However, once I picked it up and got home, I noticed it was having issues. First, the screen seemed different. It was very squishy like air was underneath. Second, there were, at least three dead spots on the phone. Lastly, the volume button no longer worked, I didn’t find this out until Sunday. I called the comanager, Kyle, with my concern. | He told me to bring it back in, but that they had tested it and everything was fine. Now, during my phone calls and pick up the word “tested” was used, at least 4 times. I say this because it becomes very important. The following day, Saturday, Kyle called and says he has bad news. Apparently, the screen sensor is now out on my tablet and I need to pay for it. I expressed my concern and informed him that should not be the case. It was fine when I brought it in. He said they couldn’t test it so they didn’t know that. I asked them if it is feasible that taking the screen off and putting it back on could have been done wrong, or caused this damage, they would not answer. They only said I need to pay for the damage. I asked for the owner to call me. The owner did call very promptly, but I noticed right away he was very aggressive. I stayed the same concerns to him. He called me ignorant, stupid, uneducated, and called me a bully. Even going so far as inviting me to his store on a Monday morning to kick my a**. | I told him I’d never asked for a refund or discount only to fix what they broke. I informed him I’d post everything to social media and let as many people know as I could what they do to their customers. He informed me that there is nothing I could do to hurt his store. I’d like to report this to you, as I’ve posted to social media as well. Look at their reviews on Facebook, Twitter, and yelp. They’re all very consistent with this pattern. Also, please notice their replies, because the original poster has one several occasions noted that they reply back with lies. I can only speak from mine, but every reply they’ve given back to my posts are lies. Mostly they seem polite in these reply’s, but the things they state happened did not, in my experience. For instance, they told me to come back to the store and they’d give me a discount. While some of this is true, the owner told me not to come back to the store, I was not allowed, unless the ” a*s kicking” I was supposed to get by showing up Monday morning counts. | Also, they stated they could not test my device. This is also not true. They stated to me severantimes they tested it and it was fine. When I picked up the device nothing was mentioned about the dead spots. I know it’s a lot of he said she said here. I’m just asking for you to do a little research and not let anyone else get taken advantage of by these con artists. Let them know that there is something the little guy can do. Thank you Also, I’d like to note during the calm after being called names and ignorant I did lose my temper and resort to cursing him back. However, before that I never spoke harshly or discourteous to anyone. Even after they accused me of it, more lies, I calmly informed him I never cursed. In which case he dropped it and moved on. I’m assuming because he knew I was right. He said he recorded our entire conversation, please ask for the COMPLETE audio. Don’t let them give you just the short 5-10 seconds I lost my cool.

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