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Published: 09 May 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Over $6,000 USD has gone missing and many months of my time has been wasted due to hiring Bogdan. You best avoid him / his company if you don’t want to risk the same. I found Bogdan back in June 2013 through a online profile he had on a programming website. Based on our conversations and his previous work he had described, I decided to hire him. Even though the cost was much higher than I had anticipated I convinced myself that building these tools for my business would pay off in the long run. What a mistake. He told me my poject was quite doable when I sent over a Word document to describe an overview of what is needed. Basically using APIs to place timed bids and orders, with some more advanced stuff. Nothing that was rocket science though. A time frame of 2-3 months, 3 payments over the development timeline. Immediately after starting he sends me a list of IPs to add to the server for his employees. Many of the IPs are from India. It woudl have been nice if I were told before hand that the project was at least partially outsources. At the time, I thought it wouldn’t be the end of the world as long as the product gets done. The initial mock ups came fairly quickly, with a cookie cutter login in and management panel that could have been for almost any project. When it came to getting functional items going, there were a few delays with a API we were using. Instead of moving work to the next API Bogdan just stalled and stalled for over 2 weeks until the API issue was resolved when work could have been done elsewhere. From this point out once the actual substance of the project should have been tackled (building something that actually has a function instead of just a user interface that looks pretty) we got no where. Delay after delay. Week in and out it was always an excuse or days and days to hear back from Bogdan. 12-24 hours I understand due to the time zone. 5-7 days is not acceptable. Finally we got to the point where I had to say “”where is out product, this is going no where”” – his answer: “”Send us another $3,000 and we will get it to you.”” Are you kidding me!? After seeing nothing but a cookie cutter premade interface you want me to send you ANOTHER $3K on top of the $6500 you already have? I feel like a big enough fool for wasting this much time, not having the tools that would benifit our business and wasting $6,000. I am not going to put more money after bad money. I told Bogdan I am happy to pay him the rest of the funds we agreed upon once I see a finished product but that right now there is NOTHING functional. Not a single aspect of the project. I would even pay a bonus to get the project completed but I am not going to do so without being sure I am getting what I paid for. Of course, after these final exchanges Bogdan just disappeared along with my $6,500 and I am left with absolutely nothing. Not even a single line of source code or anything to go on. What a shame, I was so looking forward to using these tools, growing my relationship with Bogdan by hiring him for projects that come up frequently and moving on to the next obstacle. Sadly, that did not happen at all. You have been warned. .

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