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Published: 04 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I wanted to buy a camera for me and my husband so I call a company called Digital Outlets LLC. I have a friend that bought from them and he was real happy and I been looking on their site for over 2 years and thought well they must be legit. I call on Nov 4th, 2014 and I ordered a Nikon D610 and a Nikon D810 with assesories as well so I wired transferred 5,685.00 to them that day. Nov. 7rh I get a box from Fed Ex and I open the box to only see the Nikon D610 in the box, 2 memory cards, 2 Batteries, one charger. I call Fed Ex and ask if they had another box on another truck and they said no so I filled a report with them and on Monday I called them and I am a very mellow composed lady and I was a lady. They admitted that they didn’t send my camera and said it was on it’s way again and I knew that wasn’t true. I called them every other day and Andrew gave me the tracking number that was on this box I got and said that they used that number and I said not true as Fed Ex don’t allow that. I realized last week they are not going to do nothing and think they are getting by with this so I am doing what I can to help others not be taken. My husband called them the other day and the man said that they have my case in their legal department now because I threatened them. After the Sheriff called them Glenn so he calls himself called me and was saying I got both camera’s and I said to him “You are not that smart are you”? He was rattled when I said that and hung up on me. He sent me a email saying that I got both camera’s and I am laughing as I read his words. There are some things crooks don’t think about that hang them in the end. I answered back and told him that I have the box they sent intact and with the weight on the box. 2 Nikon Camera’s are heavy and my friend stated that the box was to light for 2 camera’s and that is when I opened the box. I found out that the Nikon wasn’t a real Nikon is International but since it is a D610 my hubby and I decided to keep that one and I told Scott to send my money back. This was the day before Thanksgiving and he said he thought that would be the best solution and said by Tues to the most I will have my money back and I knew he was lying. I waited 1 week then started action and after the Sheriff called them they won’t even talk to me. .

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