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Dimension Capital does bad business and eats your money in the name of trading

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Published: 03 September 2017

Posted by: Celia M. Kennedy

Dimension capital eats away people’s money in the name of hiring traders.
They call people for interview, hire them, loot their money and continue running this scam.
I got a call from dimension capital asking me to appear for an interview and to work with them as a trader. I asked them I didn’t apply for the job and from where did they get my contact. To this they said a few lucky people who are trying in the trading line are given this chance on random selection basis.
For a while I believe them and trading has big money so I thought I should at least appear for the interview.
I was called for the interview on 6th of January. I reached at the venue and they got me waiting for 45 minutes before I could reach the person who had to interview me.
Mark was the person who interviewed me, it was very basic as an interview and then he showed me around the company. He told me to join as a trainee for the initial 4 weeks and then I could take over as a regular trader.
He said that my training would start after which I would move onto simulator and then as independent trader who would be allowed to trade on big money.
He then asked me to deposit the $5,000 or $10,000 or more. He said- more the money I would deposit, more I could invest after my training period.
I had no other option than to give in the money as I had begun taking trading seriously.
My training had started and it was a balanced experience for the first 2 weeks. It seemed as they were hurrying up with the process.
After 3 weeks I was told to perform as an individual trader and that I would be given some money to trade.
After 4 days from then they f****** tell me that I haven’t been a good performer as a trader and that they could no longer have me working with them.
I did not understand why they were doing this to me, why this was happening also fast and why did they want to kick me out so soon when they had promised a minimum tenure of 3 months.
I asked them for a refund of $5,000 if they did not want me to work with them any longer. To this they said they cannot return any money because that was not something refundable.
Now that they’ve been so cruel and harsh with me I get to understand that they just wanted money from me and since they have to do this scam with a lot of people, they would kick the existing peoples soon after taking the money.
I was given no papers or official emails on the time of recruitment and so I could do nothing about it now. These morons have been smart all this while.
All I could do was abuse them and walk off.
Do not ever deal with Dimension Capital. They’re a******.

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