Dimension Capital Management

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Don’t Fall For Dimension Capital Scam

Anyone who wants to offer you a job, even in trading, will not ask you to put in money. Beware of Dimension Capital LLC who will ask you to add in $5000 or more for a job opportunity with them. I know this for sure because this happened to a friend of mine. His name’s Robert and he got a call from the company without even applying. They called him at an odd time.
He thought it was a real interview but little did he know that it was a trap. He was called for a one-on-one interview and he was made to sign a contract without giving him all the details of the work and the company and how they operate. He wasn’t even asked to take any test or exam and was hired instantly. Then they asked him to pay up $5000 to start trading. He said he didn’t have that kind of money and there is no point to pay to get or start or job. The company said they can’t hire him unless he pays.
This is a ridiculous process. You get a candidate’s hopes high and then it turns out it is a scam. Who asks for money to GIVE a job? It is so shitty. My friend actually thought he got a job and it was so easy. This is a warning review. Don’t waste your time and hopes with this fraud company. God knows how many people actually ended up giving them money.

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