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Published: 09 September 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I was checking for diminished value appraisers over the internet and came across ken nix Diminished value of oregon/lossvalues). He was very active in forums and i called him for getting an diminished value report on 03/13/2015 over the phone. He spoke at length for 1 hr and said my claim would be atleast $9000. I said i went to carmax to get an idea of waht my car price would diminish and it was around $5500. I said him that and he still said $9000-$10000 as my claim. He spoke at length regarding the steps involved in diminished value. Since he needs to check about the diminished value with the car dealers and give an accurate report i decided to go with him He said he would charge me for $275 and would give me the report in a week. He came the same day and took pictures of my car and also the check for $275. He said he would offer assistance after giving the report Handling the insurance guys and any court issues) I contacted him on his office/work/mobile after 2 weeks multiple times leaving vm. I also sent him emails. I got a bit worried if he just vanished after taking my check and looked for his reviews. I got fed up with him and called him 10 times continuosly and he ansered my call on 03/26/2015 and said he would give it to me in a day.He came up with a lame answer saying he was caught up with some family issues He repeated this behaviour later on and that is why i said lame) Waited for 2 days and called him and he never answers. Again called him multiple times and finally he sent me report on 04/01/2015 with appraisal value of $5500. I sent the report to the insurance guys and they increased my cliam from $500 – $1500. I decided to go to attorney as the insurance guys were giving me very low offer I contacted ken nix via email and phone and still he repeats the same behavior I got fed up finally and decided to write this on 5/5/2015. This guy has setup himself on the internet and forums. Please don’t get carried away by his presence. I thought this would help others falling into his trap

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