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Published: 11 October 2018

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Since the filing of Civil Rights Violations and a Whistleblower claim against ACS, Inc./Xerox, Inc. in 2011, I have been the victim of a conspiracy by them and other related parties or persons hired by them which included East West Bank, Eli Levi (Beverly Hills) and other real estate investors (Oscar Noguera (Investor in Trust Deeds), Roger Hoffman (of Manhattan Beach who has now moved into South Central near my mom) and tenants including the ones shown in this report (Patrica Macedo, Philip and Patricia “Patty” Harrigan, Denny Mendoza, Tristan Jauregui-Castillo (may be related to a Defendant in my civil case or employee of ACS/Xerox), Raul Hernandez, Remedios Lozano. Someone has been vandalizing my property for the last two years and recently the tenants shown have made numerous complaint about repairs needed to the plumbing (some of them unnecessary or frivolous) at my property near Culver City. Upon arrival at the property I found the cleanout cover more than four feet away from the drain and other items and there was un usual amount of paper near the drain (the plumber said it was paper towels). Well I was called back to different tenant’s unit more than four times and they all assumed that my whole drain needed to be replaced. Raul Hernandez (being now after ten years unable to understand me talking English) and his family has hired Scott Dinsmore to hurl accusations that he is being deprived of water usage as a cancer patient and a elderly man. However, upon visit to the apartment, I found that only his tube was clogged one time and the other four times he had no stoppage and the tub, toilet and sink drained just fine. Also, there was no smell inside his unit and the area under the tub was dry (up until the last time when someone took off the cleanout cap again). Scott Dinsmore had Michelle Castro rush over to Raul’s place after I arrived to see if he had a problem since he was not home days before. Upon opening the door Remedios Lozano appeared shocked that I was there and Raul Hernandez said I only came when there was no problem. I went to the bathroom and once again found no problems with the fixtures. I came back out and then Raul said to contact Scott or Michelle he stated that he could not understand English. Upon the plumber’s arrival he also inspected the fixtures and plumbing under the house and found no problems. Then hear comes Michelle Castro who quickly turns to the plumber and stated “I know you from somewhere, you worked on my husband and my home in Manhattan Beach.” The plumber had a strange look on his face appearing not to know what she was talking about but then entertained following her back into Raul’s apartment to continue the conversation. Well before he went back in I told him I am aware that he could work with Michelle since I am aware that no one is going to turn down money, but he needed to provide me with written account that my plumbing was o.k. However, in talking with Scott Dinsmore, he stated that the plumber told his wife there was still a problem. Why the change? After finding that Scott Dinsmore may be doing business with or associated with Roger Hoffman of Manhattan Beach and Eli Levi (or another family member), I asked him whether he knew these persons and he was shocked as he did not answer and then stated why did I want to know. I told Scott that all the events occurring at the property were as a result of retaliation against me being minority and a whistleblower against ACS/Xerox. Since the tenants continued to contact me regarding the plumbing issues between the last week in December 2014 and February 2015 it inteferred with my ability to complete legal documents for my civil case. These events, the sudden illness of my mother, and the defendant’s untimely delivery of case documents caused me to miss certain deadlines and the judge dismissed my case (only one day before I submitted my documents). I am appealing to the court for a reconsideration based on the events and additionally based on the event of physical harm to me during this same period. I have never had the number of calls and false accusations from the tenants at this property in all ten years of ownership and I am aware that the long term tenants such as Patricia Macedo and Raul Hernandez did not bother the former owner with hardly any complaint. They also did not tell him how to do the work or what persons to use (i.e. licensed versus unlicensed for certain tasks). Philip Harrigan even stated that he did not want to allow any handyman/plumber into his apartment and he has a large United States flag in his apartment which was not there on prior visits. This flag as shown in court documents has been propelled/displayed outstide the home of Roger Hoffman and other persons living near the home of my family members, friends and associates only in the last year or six monnths. I believe there is a connection that law enforecment and persons associated with ACS/Xerox use this to identify who is involved in the conspiracy to rid me of my property and income. I will be filing a lawsuit in federal court shortly. .

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