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Direct Energy has the worst sales technique in the world.

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Published: 05 March 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

These guys are going to spam you like hell. They are too desperate for any sales and they will do anything for getting one. Recently a salesman from Direct Energy showed up to our house, we asked him to come inside as it was really cold out there. He claimed that he was associated with our energy company. He manipulated me to sign a contract stating that I will be billed for a fee. Soon after I signed the document, he told me that he actually was from Direct Energy and he was just taking 30 bucks from our account and not changing our service. I was like WHAT THE FUCK!!! You can’t just lie to make a sale. This shit was too sketchy. I signed the contract when my wife was present in the room, so I thought that she would understand what he was really saying, however, she thought the same and we ended up signing the contract totally unaware of the fact that we are getting scammed. When we realized that we were manipulated into signing this stupid contract, I tried to stop the guy as I thought he would be nearby, however, by the time I got there; he had already left the building. It was after 8 PM so we couldn’t call the company and get customer support from Direct Energy as the offices were close by then. Even then we tried calling them a few times, but the call was never received. The next day I called Direct Energy and a grumpy young girl picked up the phone. I told her about the whole situation and just as I was explaining my situation, she put me on hold while I was talking. After 10 minutes she connected the line and acted like nothing happened. She asked me to explain the whole thing all over again and so I did. She told me that she could not help me in this situation and my account hasn’t been activated yet. I’m pretty sure that Direct Energy customer service staff is trained to tell people this answer, as now I’m totally stuck with this $30 fee. I don’t like complaining but these guys have crossed the line. I don’t want to make a big deal out of this but charging a person for a service that he or she DOESN”T EVEN NEED is just pathetic. I hope that the company resolves this issue, but until then I can’t say that Direct Energy is a reliable company. I would suggest you checkout any other company but them. If anyone from Direct Energy knocks at your door, be prepared to just ignore them. Because if you give them any response, they are going to suck on you like leeches. Many of my friends and neighbours are frustrated because the people from Direct Energy contact those dozens of times ever week. Just stay away from these creeps and you will be okay.

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