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Published: 11 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I receive my son’s ssi benefits on a direct express debit card. Recentlyy whole wallet was stolen & some how the party figured out how to gain my pin number & completely wiped my acct. Balance to below zero. I filed a dispute which I was instructed to do. Was told I would receive paperwork I needed to return with in 10 business days. That paper took 8 business day to get to me, there fore leaving me with only 2 business days to complete & return. I had to barrow 39$ because every penny I had was stolen to send this document 1 mail just to make the mark of the 10 business day so that I could re I’ve the provisional credit. ( the paper work I was sent stated” if u return the completed fraud question air with in 10 business days you Wlll receive a provisional credit on the 10th business day”). On the 10th day I recieved nothing. I called & called & was told provisional credits were not promised, they can’t give everyone a credit but no one person could answer or explain to me why I was clearly told I would in fact receive one if I did my part not my receive if intact that’s a lie. Also the dispute will take 45-90 days to be resolved. So doesn’t matter if I loose my house in the meantime, kids go hungry. No one is held responsible for sending out wrong info via mail. There customers service is very rude, could care less what you are going threw & will do nothing to help. Its not right & something should be done about this.

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