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Published: 06 September 2018

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On May 1, 2015 upon recommendation of Google Ad sites of ‘trusted stores’ and also the University of Pennsylvania list of nursery sites, I checked out the website of, and after lengthy searches had placed an order of $227.45 of multiple items. I had trouble originally with their site when it came to checkout, their system had issues…so I had to then call it in. Quantities, items, prices, item numbers, etc. There were 38 items in fact, many with multiple quantity. I paid for it immediately by credit card, and was told it would take 2 weeks to process the order. Ok, I wait. Then, after 3 weeks, emailed using their contact link on their site-I made an inquiry as to the progress of my order, any shipment dates and/or tracking numbers. I got some auto response, that the email was submitted to the ‘proper department’. Nothing else followed. So, I called. The number furnished online was constantly busy. It took almost 2 hours to get through with repeat dialing. I got a customer service gal…she hung up on me. Called back, again taking quite some time to get through. I was not rude, nor impolite so wasn’t sure why the first gal hung up. The second gal said they would send through an inquiry communication, however they had no real way to communicate with the growers or shipping department. I called at week 4. Again, no information to be had. No reason for any delay or backorder, again I was told they don’t have communication with other departments, and there are no management available within the company, nobody responsible..and even if they did have a boss, he didn’t do phone calls or emails with any customers. Hmm. Ok, I wait another week. Call again. Same deal. But, she ‘thought’ it should be shipping soon as they were processing orders placed 2 to 3 weeks after I placed mine. Oh, that’s encouraging. Not. However, they also have trouble processing multiple orders and mine was a ‘large’ one. Now that’s really encouraging. I asked her: if they didn’t want people ordering multiple items perhaps they should stipulate a restriction upon their website, otherwise people assume that the stuff listed and pictured is already growing in greenhouses ready to ship out and people like variety and order accordingly. Sorry I placed an order they couldn’t handle, obviously. This has been going on now for 6 weeks and counting. No information, sign of shipment, or tracking number, no way to communicate within the boss or management taking any responsibility for how their company is run, no customer service…just plain repetitious runaround, and excuses, poor reasons at that about growing seasons, weather, mismanagement of their company, their systems…etc. All things I don’t want to hear. I want facts, information. At this time, it’s way too late to even think of planting this stuff as it’s already too hot/dry for it to propagate or transplant. So, I cancelled the order. Now, I am told it could take a couple to several weeks to even receive back my money for the order. Now, why is that? They took it fast enough. That is not customer service, it’s scamming people and not dealing with the very issues or problems they cause with their company failings to begin with. If customers placing orders is a problem..get out of business and don’t set up online stores. Don’t send out catalogs using yet another name either..or other aliases. Now, people are wondering if they are legit. I should have done more due diligence in checking out this company first prior to ordering, now…I wished I had. There are numberous Better Business Bureau complaint against them, literally hundreds of people who have had the same experience as I have with customer service issues, no deliveries or shipment of product in addition to those that did receive their order after much delay/wait…it was poor quality, root rot, diseased/infected plants, dead plants, poorly shipped/packaged again, they were not satisfied either with the ‘guarantee’ policies of this company either or the refund/replacement issues it causes. Don’t just take my word for it, do your due diligence. Check them out, read the complaint. They are too numerous, and we can’t all be wrong. I made the mistake of trusting they were a reputable company, don’t be as stupid as me and order. Or you may be reporting them next. .

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