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Published: 21 February 2018

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I hired Direct Basing to slice a psd to make about 4 pages for my Internet site. I had used them prior and was pleased. However this experience will tell you that you are warned, not to consider Alex or ever, or you will be scammed. He may try to reply to this with a bunch of garbage to throw you off, but they will be all excuses. 1. I gave a very detailed doc. They didnt read it all, b/c a link was pass coded, and they didnt have correct password, and didnt say anything. That should have been my first hint. 2. As the project started, I started to make note of fixes which they have a nice UI for that. I didn’t use it properly in the beginning, so perhaps that is why my edits were not done correctly. 3. Then once I started to note the edits properly, it didnt help. Fixes they claimed were fixed were not done. To make matters worse items they were correct now were messed up. 4. I gave them a warning that I wanted a refund, but then I was assured by Alex the owner of “100% job completion” Alex is a liar. 5.More edits were submitted, and after waiting 5 days, I ask Alex what is status. His answer- there are NO pending edits!! I showed him with screen shots that his site showed there were edits and asked why he said there were none, and why the job it not being done. Alex’s answer was NO ANSWER at all. 6. 2 more days go by and I get a notification that the job is updated. They marked all pending edits completed and I check and NOTHING WAS DONE. 7. I give them 24 hrs to make the fixes or refund. Alex claimed the job was 50% complete therefore would only give back half. 8. I showed him screen shots of issues. I showed him how his own site shows there are errors I have a screen shot, if he pulls it down. 140 code errors 322 warnings 9. I had the code audited by another company. They showed in audit how the coder didnt know what he was doing, that the site is NOT fixable, Not 50% done but JUNK. I have that audit for people to see.

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