Disabled Sailing Association of Ontario

Disabled Sailing Association of Ontario

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Published: 02 February 2021

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The President for The Disabled Sailing Association of Ontario (DSAO), is named in a lawsuit for over $500,000 and is being sued under the Fraudulent Preferences Act for alleged conspiracy to launder money and assets for her Common-Law Husband. | Amanda Karahanas has served as a Director for the DSAO charity for a number of years and according to her LinkedIn Profile is currently employed by RBC in their Commercial Real Estate Division. | The Statement of Claim filed at the Superior Court of Justice of Ontario in January 2019 names Amanda Karahanas and her Mother Geraldine Karahanas who currently reside in Leaside, Toronto. | The Claim alleges that Amanda and Geraldine have conspired with Common-Law Gregor Flavell to dissipate, hide, or launder his monies and assets in order to avoid them being seized by the Court Judgement awarded to the Investors he defrauded in 2011. | In 2011, monies were loaned to Gregor Flavell and his companies Ocar Capital Group and Ocar Energy LLC. The loan was registered with a Bank Guarantee against his fund which at the time was valued at $2.2 Billion dollars. Only Months after the loan was issued, Flavell and Ocar defaulted on the loan payments. In 2014 a Statement of Claim was issued against Flavell, Ocar, and the Bank that secured the loan after it was discovered that the guarantee and documents submitted to investors were fraudulent. | In 2016, the Superior Court of Justice of Ontario awarded judgement for over $500,000 in favour of the defrauded Investors. Since the Judgement was issued, neither Flavell or his companies have paid any monies to the investors. | The Claim alleges that Flavell has been hiding his assets and monies estimated in the millions outside Canada in offshore bank accounts. The claim explains that Flavell has stated under oath in a court examination that he has not earned any income in years, does not own any property or possess any credit cards or bank accounts, and in over 7 years he has not filed any Personal or Business Taxes in Canada. | When Flavell was asked in the same examination how has he been maintaining his comfortable lifestyle living in downtown Toronto, Flavell disclosed that his Common-Law Partner Amanda Karahanas paid all his living, medical, travel and social expenses. He had no source of income and relied completely on Amanda for financial support. | Flavell also explained in his examination that Amanda, who was at time in her 30’s, was no longer employed and was financially retired after earning a large pay out from her time working for the Teacher’s Pension Fund. | An investigation into Flavell’s lifestyle after Judgement was issued revealed him in one case spending hundreds of dollars in cash in hours while shopping at a Butcher Shop and Gift Stores in the Danforth area. | Photos also reveal the Flavell was regularly driving a new Jeep Cherokee that was registered under his mother in laws name, Geraldine Karahanas. | Geraldine is a Real Estate Agent registered with Homelife/Vision Realty Inc. The Investigation revealed that the Jeep was never parked at her home in Leaside and was driven exclusively by Flavell. Documents also show that Geraldine recently purchased newly built home in late 2016 for $2.3 Million. | Amanda is also an avid Sailor and Yachtsmen. She enjoys a lavish lifestyle and races her boats yearly across North America from Nova Scotia to Miami. | The Plaintiff’s plead the provisions of the Fraudulent Preferences Act and Assignments and Preferences Act and claim that Amanda, Geraldine and Flavell have colluded to prevent the defrauded investors from collecting on their Judgement. Based on the testimony made by Flavell under oath, The Plaintiff’s are requesting the Ontario Court for a Tracing Order against the assets held by both Karahanas’ and an order of Injunction preventing the Defendants from disposing of their assets pending the Trial. | In their Statement of Defense, both Amanda and Geraldine have denied any wrongdoing and none of the allegations have been proven in court. | Phone messages were left for both defendants asking for their comments were not returned. | Trial is scheduled to begin in late 2019.

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