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Published: 30 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Really did not know what to put this under but this is about ATT and the Dish/Direct cable company. Since ATT as bought out Dish network and I believe they call it Direct I have been harrassed over and over again and told about all kind of contracts to get into. | They told me if I did not take the cable offer from the Direct/ Dish that I would no longer be able to have ATT service for my telephone. This is complete harassment. Anyone who as experienced trying to cancel the installation after thinking about it knows exactly what I am speaking of. | We need to boycott all cable offered by this company. Get a smart TV you don’t even need cable anymore and that is why they are trying to tie you up into long term contracts. In the next 12 months, cable will be a dinosaur we won’t need it. if you need local stations there are plenty of low-cost local antennas to purchase if you like movies get Ruku are whatever it is called. But you can get Netflix and all kind of TV stations for only 8.00 dollars a month. | Do not get bullied by these hard sales techniques they will be in a class action lawsuit within 12 months for they are doing a basic DTP Deceptive Trade Practice. I have them recorded and I am waiting for someone to file and I will turn over all my recordings from the arrangement I went through as a consumer. | the state is supposed to protect us against monopolies but all the officials are getting large kick backs. the entire political system is one large Ponzi kick back scheme. the only way out is to fire every politician for none of them are honest NO NOT ONE of them are for your best interest. | This country has took a turn for the worse and everyone is for themselves including me. If everyone is robbing and stealing you better get in the game or you will be left under a bridge living out of a grocery cart.

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