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Published: 08 February 2020

Posted by: snowboardingdude

Diversified Adjustments Service Inc is a joke. I have called their customer service department for the last 4 months and they will not return my phone call. First off – They contacted me in Jan 2009 and they said they were attempting to collect a debt and that the original debtor was Sprint. I told them that I have was deployed and that I had already closed my account with Sprint and I paid an early termination fee. They said they would investigate and not send this case to the credit bureaus. They later stated that Sprint provided proper paperwork to prove that I owed the debt. I faxed them a copy of a bank statement that showed I payed any fees that were due and I paid an early termination fee. After months of going back and forth and me consistantly providing the appropriate evidence they went ahead and reported it to all three credit bureaus even though they said they wouldn”t until they get more information. I have perfect credit and I do not have one single debt or collection account on my report. I diligently keep up on all my bills. Anytime they would call requesting information I would return their call within 24 hours. This whole time I tried calling sprint and was not able to get a hold of someone that could take care of me. Most of the time the phone call just dropped the call once I got through a maze of an auto attendant phone system. I finally went into the store with my bank statement showing the payment and they confirmed that I never owed the amount that they sent to collections and wrote me an apology letter and a letter to Diversified stating that I never owed the amount and that the attempt to collect should stop. I faxed this document into their office and the confirmed receipt of it and apologized and told me that they cannot remove items on a credit report. Finally they told me that I could get it done by talking to their customer service department. Their customer service department, I eventually found out, consists of one person. I have left messages several times and over the past 4 months and I have never received one phone call. Now I am trying to go through a dispute process through the credit bureaus and I hope to get satisfaction. I”m not surprised that a business like this handles things in this manner, but I just think that if you pay your bills ontime and you can prove it, it shouldn”t be so hard to get someone on the phone that can resolve an issue like this. They do not have a customer service department they are strictly sales oriented sharks, that don”t care if they affect your credit.

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