Divine Dental of Santa Fe

They don’t even maintain basic hygiene in the place!

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Published: 29 May 2019

Posted by: Julie

Divine Dental of Santa Fe is a horrible clinic. They don’t care about the patients or simple hygiene. The place was crawling with rodents when I visited it. The staff there is rude and the service is horrible. You’d feel like you’ve visited some hellhole because of the way these people behave. When I had visited the place, I was welcomed by a rat running from one end of the waiting room to the next. That was enough to disgust me but I thought it was okay. I went ahead to the desk where the receptionist didn’t even bother to look up. I had to say ‘hey’ before she would even notice me. The staff here acts so coldly and terribly that you would begin to think it’s better to avoid this place. I was regretting my decision to visiting this clinic since my first step in the clinic. My appointment was at 12:15 pm and I had visited the place at 12:00 pm. Seems like an okay time, right? Well, the staff here has no idea how to handle patients and that’s why it gets so irritating for anyone who visits this place. THESE PEOPLE MADE ME WAIT FOR 50 FREAKING MINUTES!! And that\’s after the time of appointment. I had to leave the place after waiting for so long. I don’t know what the hell the dentist was doing in there but I’m not interested in finding out too. This place has no sense of discipline or control. It’s like chaos. I had visited the place for a simple cleaning but I didn’t want to wait anymore. 50 minutes is a lot of time. When I was waiting in the waiting room, there were already a bunch of people who had arrived before me. It was clear to me, that like me, they were also waiting for their appointment. I got more frustrated when I found out that before me, there were three people who were waiting for their appointments. They all were supposed to be done before me. When I left that place, there was still one patient left before me. Just imagine the rage! Anyone would get mad. Whenever I asked the receptionist as to how long it’ll take for the dentist to see me, she’d either ignore my question or give me a vague reply. Those people made me really irritated and I have never returned to that place ever since. It’s better to waste my time someplace than that rodent-ridden hellhole. Don’t make the mistake of visiting Divine Dental. You’d thank me later. And if you can, then alert others about the horror of this place too. No one likes to visit a dental clinic which has more rats than patients and which makes you wait for an hour for a simple appointment. This is one of the worst places you can visit for any kind of dental treatment.

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