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Published: 13 October 2019

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In August of 2011, I was hired as an Assistant Territory Manager for Dixon Golf. I presided over Phoenix, Tucson, and all of Florida. My job was to contact charity golf events and educate them about their Dixon Challenge, which was a putting/driving contest in which golfers donated money to participate. I really enjoyed my job, and I was great at it. It got to a point where my manager Danielle would have to come to me and tell me, “no more events this weekend, I don’t have enough girls to cover all of them”. So I was great at it, and everyone seemed to really like me. In October, I was laid off. I was so upset. A girl who worked above developed cancer, and with her on medical leave, they couldn’t afford to pay as many people, and someone had to go. They had just hired a girl two weeks before who happened to be of the same religion they owners of the company were, but told me that because I had been with the company the least amount of time, I was the one they had to let go. Even though this girl of similar faith was fired a month and a half after I was. That afternoon, I spoke with one of the Territory Managers, who had the same job as the woman who got cancer. This person (to protect their identity, I won’t identify their gender) asked me if I had done any extensive research on the company. I told him no, that I had read the website and the information they gave me when they hired me, but that was it. He told me to look into them a little further, and what I found was shocking. Dixon Golf uses an elaborate take on the PONZI scheme. They prey on charities they know are successful (Make-a-Wish, the American Cancer Society, Wounded Warrior, etc.), convince them to allow this Dixon Challenge under the false pretense that all proceeds go to the charity, when really, Dixon is skimming 80% off the top, claiming thats how much is required to pay their employees working the event, set up, supplies, travel, etc. But unless the charity asks how much of the proceeds go to them, Dixon won’t tell them until after the event. Which may not be entirely illegal, but it is shady and morally reprehensible. I do know, however, that they are a 501(c)(3) not profit organization that is not truly non-profit, and that it is illegal to misrepresent yourself as a non-profit organization, due to tax reasons. That being said, tax evasion my best guess for their misrepresentation of 501(c)(3) status. In 2012, after I discovered what owners Dane Platt and William Carey were up to, I reported it and tried to draw attention to the issue so that these criminals would no longer be able to exploit charities, I was very aggressively threatened by their PR Specialist and they demanded I take it down. Fearing not only legal action, but other rammifications, I did as I was commanded by the company to do. Now, three years later, as I’m doing more research, I see that more people have come forward accusing Dixon Golf of the very same things I had. The exact things they are guilty of. Legal action needs to be pursued against this company and they need to be shut down.

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