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Published: 20 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

This is in regards to Jeffs response to the previous complaint made for my address. The complaint was made by my boyfriend. Jeff who I am assuming is a manager or owner of the company responded with a completely made up story. I do not appreciate this at all. We were scammed and deserve the service we paid for or our money back. I do not know many who just give their money away- and this is basically what we did. About our “chimney sweep”- Two employees rang our doorbell and we let them in. The door was kept open the entire time. They laid down two sheets to cover the front room. A vacuum was brought in and one guy sucked out the ash in the fireplace while the other guy went on the roof. He brought in HIS OWN PHONE to show us a picture of the chimney. He said that something needed to be replaced and this would double the price we were quoted initially. My boyfriend then went on the roof himself to look at it. He came back down and told me that the picture the guy showed him was of someone elses chimney! Of course, we told him no we did not want that done and just to clean the chimney as planned originally. And yes, at this point we are not happy that this guy would lie to us to get an upsell. But no one was confronted- we just wanted the job done and over with. The other guy brought in what looked like a bendable pole and attached it to some motored machine that made it spin around. This pole was about 5 feet long. He put it up the fireplace and spun it around for a couple minutes. It made some particles fall to the bottom- the particles looked like soot/ash. The amount that had fallen might have filled half a coffee cup. He vacuumed this up and cleaned up his mess and they were finished. The entire time the other guy was inside the house. He did not go back to the roof to do anything from the top. We were then asked to pay. I am not positive but I believe it was about $150 (includes tax)- We were then upset that we were paying taxes on labor, unaware that this IS legit. We then asked them to get out of our house as we felt like we were being lied to and scammed. While we were wrong about the taxes- we were still charged for a service that was not done properly. We were also lied to while this guy was showing us pictures of someone elses chimney. I believe that he was upset that he did not get the upcharge and this is why we received horrible service. When we lit a fire the next time the living room filled with smoke, as it did before. The half a coffee cup of ash that they knocked out of the BOTTOM of the fireplace- obviously- did not do the job. We call the people back and they say they will not come back out because we were rude for asking the guys to leave our house. I tell Danny/David that I need to talk to the owner. He told me to call back the same number (cell phone) the next day and ask for Gabriel. I call back the next day and Danny/David said Gabriel was now on vacation and to call back on 1/2/15. Well can you believe that I have still had no luck with this matter. $150 for no service and some guy come in our house and lie to us to up the bill.

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