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Published: 10 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

For those of you who subscribe to Directv your familiar with Sonic Tap. They supply the music on channels 801 thru 879 covering a variety of formats. My absolute favorite was channel 802 Malt Shop. Malt Shop was a great time in America it was an Era, a sound. From the birth of Rock and Roll until the British Invasion 1964. As a retired radio broadcaster who began his career in 1973 playing oldies (Malt Shop) the music holds alot of great memories for me. I know this music like the back of my hand. I would listen to channel 802 Malt Shop at home for hours. They woulld play one great song after another. Have you noticed how I am putting everything in past tense? Recently I have noticed that you have to wait 5 or 6 songs until they actually play a song from the Malt Shop era. What’s up with that. Several years ago TimeLife had a music package called Malt Shop Memories. Every song was Malt Shop! Currently TimelIfe has a couple music packages. Teen Years, Rock and Roll Era and It Started with Doo-Wop. All songs are from the Malt Shop era. The other day channel 802 Malt Shop played Donovan’s Epistle to Dippy followed by Judy Collin’s Both Sides Now. Really? In what universe are those two songs Malt Shop? Malt Shop now sounds like 803 60’s Revolution. Malt Shop is NOT Flower Power, Woodstock or 60″s Revolution. They also are playing songs that I haven’t heard of. Which is practically impossible for me. Sorry for the pat on the back, but it’s true. Over my 30 plus years in the broadcast industry I’ve accumulated enough music that would put some of Sonic Taps libraries to shame. Especially Malt Shop. What brain child decided to fix something that wasn’t broken. I’ll bet the only Malt this person(s) ever had was in a beer! Change it back

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