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Do not engage Branson's Nantucket – they are dishonest and will not pay you for your services

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Published: 14 January 2017

Posted by: Gabriela W. Jones

I am an interior designer. My name is Augustus Goodall, and I have been in this business for many years now. I regularly let students intern with me, and have made a name for myself in this field, with people respecting me and my work everywhere. All of my work is done perfectly, and my customers are never left unsatisfied. I take my work commitments very seriously, and have never submitted a project after a deadline, no matter how tight the budget was or how much work had to be done. I have done nothing wrong. And yet, I got scammed by these people at Branson’s Nantucket. It’s so unfair, and I don’t intend on letting them get away with this crime. I will do whatever it takes to get my money back. If I have to get the police or the courts involved in this, I am well prepared to do it.

I was approached by John Silver. This particular son of a bitch no longer works with Branson’s Nantucket, as far as I know. But I could be wrong. They’re all lying scheming people who have no morals and absolutely no trouble lying to people who work for them. Anyway, this guy walked into my office on the 10th of October 2014. He was tall, and was dressed well. He looked like a guy who was a serious businessman. I thought everything would go okay with this client when he started talking calmly, with the air of someone who knew exactly what he wanted. I was wrong. My instincts were badly off. The only thing he was looking for that day was a fool who would do his work for him and get scammed. Because Branson’s Nantucket never had any intention to pay the interior designer who did their condos for them.

He told me what they wanted. It was a lot of work. I was pleased. I showed him samples of previous work we had done. He seemed very interested, and put in some very specific demands. Since the project seemed like it was a big one, I didn’t even bother letting someone else in the office deal with him. I personally sat with him for a whole two hours, going over every tiny detail. I sat there until I was sure I knew exactly what Silver wanted. He seemed satisfied at the end of the talk. I asked him when he needed the work done, and he told me I could start tomorrow if it was possible. He needed it done in 2 weeks, ideally.

It wasn’t easy. But I took people off from a couple of other projects to make sure this would get done on time, and I had to make excuses about it to other loyal clients of mine. All for that jackass. Work started on their condos right away. Within a week, we were half done and right on track. In two weeks, it was all done. I met with Silver at the site when he was looking around. He seemed really happy about it. I asked about payment, and he told me he would send me a check. This seemed fair enough at that time, so I went back to the office.

I waited for a week, but I didn’t hear from him, and I certainly didn’t get any check. I called him at his workplace (which was the only number I had), but some woman picked up and told me that he had just left the office, and that she would have him call me back when he returned. I waited the rest of the day, but he didn’t call back.

I tried again a couple of days later, but he wasn’t there this time either. This time, he was home sick. I asked if I could reach him at his home or cell number because this was about payment. Not at all sounding sorry, that woman told me their company couldn’t allow that. I didn’t know what the hell to do.
He never called me back. I went online and saw that had displayed all the interior work I had done for them. I was shocked! They hadn’t paid me for my work, but they had gone ahead and put it up as their own! Turns out the architects and painters haven’t been paid either. Branson’s Nantucket, you’re going down, trust us.

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