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Published: 22 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Everyone who has experienced the Doba problem: please ALSO file with the BBB Summer 2013 I decided to launch an online natural healing resource. I was contacted by a web company out of Orem Utah that promised me that for $16,000 in training I’d make six+ figures at a few hurs per week. I could use links, drop-shippers, more and they would help me set everything up. I declined the obvious scam. Two days later, I received a call from “Dave” at Doba wondering how my web training was going. I thought he was from this first company so I explained I wanted nothing to do with them. He ignored this and explained the Doba claim of annual $399 membership gives me rights to greatly discounted product lines drop-shipped. BUT, you have to join and pay to see their offerings. There is a “free trial” but that only lets you see a very small portion of their products for cost comparison. This very small selection looks pretty good. I agreed to the annual membership–Dave explicity and very clearly (I asked several times to be sure) that I had only to log in 4X and if I hadn’t earned more than my membership than no questions asked cancel. I spent days searching through products that were not competitively priced. In fact, some of them cost me more to obtain via Doba than if I go to the local store or order from fairly marked-up sites (not eBay or Amazon). I called Dave and said this was not going to work. Dave’s reply was that it didn’t matter that their products would cost more. I had to add value through what I was writing in my blog — that’s how everyone else who uses Doba does it. Wow. So in other words, Doba can’t match the bulk discounters (despite their promise) and it is my job to make sure my clients don’t comparison shop by writing craftfully??? Wait, didn’t they promise discounted goods, dropped-shipped??? Or, I can mark it up about $0.10 per item to remain competitive. Truthfully, I give my clients more value and I make more money with the same products listed in an aStore (for free) on Amazon. My clients pay less for great products and *still* get my expertise. I told Dave I was not going to keep the membership. He said I had the year and should just keep working at it. IMPORTANTLY: Dave also verified that I had logged in my 4X and qualified for the refund. I emailed a few months later to cancel, and called, and was told I needed to speak with Dave. I called Dave, no reply. Dave finally called today – 3 days before my renewal – to complete the renewal. When I explained the above, Dave said I had to call a different number. When I did, that person said the guarantee was only if I’d logged in 4X per month, every month of the year. He also said this is clear in their terms and there would be no refund. He told me if I was stupid enough to not read their terms then I deserved it. Really a nice guy. I am a good and ethical person. I work hard and am committed to helping people improve their condition in life. I am so certain that I can get a great product that I do offer a real guarantee. If I cannot deliver what I promise, then I shouldn’t keep the money. It is that simple. And I deliver what I promise. I didn’t use their service, it didn’t fit my business model because I am not interested in overcharging customers – which I could only learn after inspection – I would like them to refund my fee. Simple. Doba believes in criminal exchange; we pay them they give us nothing. They do seem to have their legal t’s crossed and i’s dotted regarding refunding fees. Please spread the word in a meaningful way and protect others from ever getting involved in the first place. .

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