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Had a very bad experience! Never going back!

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Published: 10 July 2019

Posted by: Jennifer

I had been going here for a long time, but will not anymore. I have had many treatments done here, cleaning, fillings and even had my wisdom tooth removed here. But when I went for another treatment recently, I had a very bad experience, one that tells me that it’s no more the same Dobson Ranch Dental Care that it used to be.

I had severe toothache for nearly a week. I avoided going to the dentist for a few days because I had a very hectic work schedule. It was impossible for me to take some time off of work for an appointment and all the clinics would be closed by the time I got off work. But a couple of days ago, it got very bad. It was not bearable anymore and I got an appointment for the next day. I requested them an appointment such that I could get it done with in the lunch hour. Thankfully, they agreed. It was a mad rush to get there in the shortest possible time. I got there and had an X ray done immediately. It was all done within the first 15 minutes of my lunch break. But it was all waiting after that. The doctor did not come for a whole 45 minutes after that. My lunch break was already over and I was late. And in all of this, my toothache was getting worse. But the worst was what came after the doctor came. He said that I’ll have to go somewhere else for the removal of my wisdom tooth. Really? After having waited for an hour and informing of my situation and even the problem I was facing, they could not have told me this earlier? I don’t know if it was apathy from the staff or miscommunication, but I don’t think I’ll be going back there after this.

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