Dr. Kamron Hakhamimi

Doctor from hell, Dr. Kamron Hakhamimi gets convicted on sex

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Published: 08 August 2017

Posted by: Thomas K. Wilcox

In the year 2008, Dr. Kamron Hakhamimi was convicted of sexual exploitation and battery of a patient.
The doctor met the patient on an Internet dating site sometime late April or early May 2006. They planned to meet in person around May 3, 2006. Following the meeting, the doctor set an appointment for a consult for the patient by himself at a medical care facility later on that very day.
The doctor took the patient history, conducted a physical examination and even ordered lab tests for the patient. Hakhamimi also performed a pap smear on patient in spite of Hakhamimi not being an OB/GYN and this is despite the fact that the doctor had access to information indicating that nearly six months back the patient had a pap smear done.
The doctor prescribed that patient with Ativan, Restoril, and Trazadone to the patient, though the patient’s medical records indicated very clearly that the patient didn’t require the said drugs and had never used it before. Hakhamimi had access to the patients’ medical history and still he prescribed the drugs and conducted the pap smear.
Hakhamimi and the patient met again for dinner that evening. Post dinner they went to Hakhamimi residence, where the drugs started to show their effect on the patient. Hakhamimi asked the patient to sleep on his bed and after that the patient has no recollection to what occurred. When she woke up, Hakhamimi told her that they had had sexual intercourse. Though the patient had no recollection of participating in sexual intercourse and couldn’t recall if she gave her consent to it either.
The patient filed a complaint against Hakhamimi for sexual assault. Later the charges of battery were added to the above-mentioned charge. Hakhamimi was charged on five counts namely; one count for sex with a patient, two counts of sexual battery, one count of unlawful touching and one count of battery.
Hakhamimi was placed on probation for thirty-six months and ordered to either serve sixty days in county jail or perform forty-five days of community service. He was also to be evaluated by a psychologist or a psychiatrist. Most importantly, he could not examine or treat any female patients without the presence of another female medical professional. He was restrained from getting in touch with the patient who filed the complaint and maintain a distance of at least 100 yards. Also, he was asked to pay restitution/reimbursement to the patient and the Board. He was to comply with all lawful directives and orders of the Board, and of the Superior Court
OIG excluded him for a minimum of 12 years under section 1128(a)(2) of the Social Security Act on the basis of Hakhamimi’s conviction. The length of exclusion is a mandatory minimum of 5 years but was increased because of two aggravating factors: (1) Hakhamimi’s act that led to his eventual conviction was premeditated and nonconsensual sexual acts and (2) the Medical Board of California and the California Department of Health Care Services chose adverse action against Hakhamimi.
Hakhamimi appealed his exclusion to the ALJ but the ALJ upheld stating Hakhamimi’s conviction and that it involved abuse of a patient in connection with the delivery of a health care item or service.
Hakhamimi appealed the ALJ’s decision with the Appellate Division of the Departmental Appeals Board (DAB). But the DAB too upheld the ALJ’s decision stating that they found evidence that showed that Hakhamimi took advantage of his professional position for personal gratification. They agreed with the ALJ rendering Hakhamimi clearly untrustworthy of providing care to program beneficiaries and recipients of program funds.

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