Dodd's Carpet Cleaning Services

Dodd's Carpet Cleaning Services

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Published: 29 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Part 2 Convicted Felon Randy Neumann Boles has posted false misleading arrest records of Michael Dale Dodd on this report . Michael Dale Dodd has had three without a license in hand , all these cases was toss from the court system upon showing proof he had a valid driver license , although in 1980 at the age of 19 he had three speeding tickets the cost him his driver license for three months in 1980, amazing all three tickets was in the same day ,4 point tickets each excessive speeding. 12 points total, in 1980 this was a suspension of driver license in Florida for three months, All tickets was the same day 85mhp in a 55mhp speed limit. 87 in a 55mhp speed limit and 90mhp in a 55mhp speed limit on Interstate I-4 which now is 70mhp speed limit, The car was a 1980 Turbo -Charge Official Pace car Trans -Am headed west bound away from Daytona, The arrest and conviction Randy Neumann Boles posted for damage to the Ledger was a civil dispute case , settled out of court ,affidavits state that Michael Dale Dodd was being charge for advertisement he did not order or even sign for from this published advertising company case was dismissed, The breech of peace arrest was also no billed and dropped along with a same day simple battery charge and both cases dropped due to self defense, Michael Dale Dodd has 6 simple lifetime battery charge arrest all dropped by the State of Florida reason of self defense, Maybe Michael Dale Dodd has a heavy foot on the gas pedal from his teenage days and heavy hands and feet to defend himself. as officer affidavits sworn state bones was broken arrest made on both sides of these fights exception one, although in our investigation of reports file all these cases was dropped. Convicted Dangerous Felon Randy Neumann Boles has posted false misleading arrest records, altering State of Florida records to be use as wrongful defamation of character of Michael Dale Dodd.This is typical behavior from a narcissistic sociopath master manipulator like Randy Neumann Boles a Convicted Felon Inmate Number W077414 released Ohio Northeast Pre- Release Center 11/02/2014 Incarcerated State Prison Term 5 years , Monitor for future crimes. We also match this false arrest posting , with a Randy Neumann Boles on accounts from Twitter , Google , You-Tube, Linkedln and her personal Pinterest | |

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