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Published: 12 March 2019

Posted by: Reviewer53626

Bob Taylor claims to be a California State Certified Service Dog Trainer. According to the California State Consumer Affairs Department and State Licensing agency, there is no such certification. When asked to produce this certification, Mr. Taylor is unable to. Mr. Taylor identifies in his service dog contracts that the handler will receive a certification from a veterinarian saying the dog is free from disease or genetic defect. He never produces this and gets his dogs from Craig’s list. Mr. Taylor’s contract allows the client to delineate the specific tasks the dog should be trained to do. Mr. Taylor ignores the contract, and does not provide a training log, tasks the dog was trained to do, or any other documentation about the dogs training. Mr. Taylor handed a dog over to us that was wearing a pinch collar. Mr. Taylor told us to go buy an electric collar for the dog because the dog was eating food off of our table and humping other dogs. We flew out west from Pennsylvania to be “trained” by this so called master trainer. Instead of working with us and our son, Mr. Taylor and Ms. Davidson took naps and wanted to go out to eat. Mr. Taylor believes that if you are responsive, caring, and understanding of your clients you do not need to fulfill your contractual obligations. Read one of his books and you will see the grammar and spelling errors, and lack of specifics as to how to train a dog. REad the reviews on Amazon and you will see professional vets and trainers saying to avoid Mr. Taylor. We forwarded all of our son’s psychological and medical records, as well as educational records, hoping that it would give Mr. Taylor insight into how to help our son. The documents gave Mr. Taylor insight into how to manipulate and play to the weaknesses of a very desperate family that would do anything to help their son!!!

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