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Published: 05 October 2018

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Don’t trust I won’t either. DogFoodAdvisor is not reliable at all as I found out to my utter shock. I was shocked to learn how the editor of the page and the other employees do not have any substantial knowledge of dog nutrition. Many dogs have suffered from diarrhoea from such high protein diets. However, they still keep claiming that these processes are meant to detox the body. Once proved wrong, all posts put up by us were rampantly blocked and the posts were deleted. People should stop putting their dogs in severe danger by consulting DogFoodAdvisor.

A dog does not usually require anything more than 25-30% of protein and this is what these guys never realize. Being a qualified vet assistant cum nurse, I know my stuff while the people running this sham are only inexperienced people without any suitable credentials. Look at Mike Sagman for instance; he is a dentist without any proper dog nutrition training. He is the owner and editor as many of you already know while Shawna Noffsinger and other co-workers have been hiding their identities all along since most of them are housewives and do not have any of the credentials required to advertise and promote particular nutritional plans. The team regularly bullies people and they are labelled as outsiders. No unbiased data is allowed by Sagman and his team and posts are regularly deleted in case any proper information comes up at all.

Sagman has been insisting on the fact that dogs require high protein diets and plant protein is falsely labelled as a by-product such as grains/peas. Vets usually recommend 20-30% of protein although this guy has surpassed that considerably. Please be careful if you’re getting your advice from here. These guys really don’t know their stuff. And of course, the right posts are regularly deleted as I previously mentioned. Another person has also stated how there is a full-fledged war between other individuals and the regulars on this platform and those who disagree have their posts deleted. The regulars are allowed to rampantly violate the rules of the website and also function in a highly racist manner while the others get banned without any reasons whatsoever.

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