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Published: 09 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Their products are alright. I really didn’t like the executive razor because it gets clogged extremely easy and the shave butter doesn’t really help anything, but I do really enjoy their after shave products and their body wash.
I have 2 major complaints about my experience with this company so far. 1: Their website looks nice, but is a nightmare to actually use. Half the pages have nothing but some text and a good portion of them just redirect you back to the home page for no explicable reason. Managing the items in your carts (yes plural, because for some reason they need 2 carts) is quite confusing and honestly is such a waste of time.
You have to go to the carts first and pick if you want to set up a box of stuff to order immediately or whenever in the future and then you have to add products one by one, consistently going back to the cart to be redirected to their product page where you might not even find what your looking for unless you open the second page directory and go to the product categories listed there. Removing things is also kinda confusing considering no where on the page does it explain that you have to click on the quantity button to be redirected to ANOTHER PAGE to lower the quantity to 0 before you can remove it. I have never had such a hard time using a website EVER.
If you happen to cancel your membership for whatever reason, in order to rejoin and order things you actually liked from them again they force you to buy a starter kit which includes items you probably don’t want. For what I could tell, there is no way to change the kit to anything else or choose to switch out any of the items in the kit so congratulations now you own another razor and more shave butter you absolutely didn’t want and probably won’t use so that’s $5 you just tossed into the trash.

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