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Published: 29 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

The most bizzare and inapproptate behavior I ever encountered in all of my 53 years of shopping!!! May 8 2019, I had the worse experience in my life at the Dollarama in Stettler ab. I was shopping in a very crowded area as their stock boxes were stacked high in every isle, as usual. I came around a corner and accidentally knocked a pile over. | I heard someone screaming at the top of her lungs somewhere on the other other side of the isle. I was trying to pick them up off my already damaged foot, when she came around the corner. I of course apologized but she she just kept screaming “leeeeave them the f**k alone”, I tried talking to her in a diplomatic way, but she was in no doubt a foul mood and she not only screamed non stop profanities at me, but told me to take my fuzzy hair and shove it up my fat a**. | I asked to speak to her manager and she said she was the manager, (which I found weird as I have only seen her once before) on the floor working last week. I then suggested we should talk like adults. But I could see she was far beyond that, so left to continue shopping & If I hadn’t taken the time and desperately needed the items in my cart I would’ve just left. | She then proceeded to follow me all over the store and meanwhile kept telling me to get a job and fing life… And I was a loser!!! And to get my stuff, pay for it and get out of her fing store… I explained to her she had no right to assume anything about my life & and asked her why she was attacking me and giving me such a hard time when all I wanted to do is get my items and get out. | Finally she left me alone until 3 RCMP officers came in which was just a waste of taxpayers dollars. When they got my story and seen I was a stable person but visably shaken up, & disabled I obviously was no threat.. I suggested they watch the CCTV to see that she attacked me not the other way round as she had told them. They made sure they escorted me out of the building safely avoiding her. | They were very kind and helped me get to my car and asked of I was ok as I was crying, but the officer was joking with me and cheered me up and stayed with me until I felt good enough to drive. So this manager not only degraded and defamed my character but also verbally abused me. She also claimed I was ban from the store, but the policeman informed her has no right to ban me from the store as she had no legal documents stating so. | So I let things cool down and went in the following week with my husband, where she called the cops again!!! Once again wasting their time and wasting taxpayer dollars, all over which appeared because of being on a huge authority trip. As why would an adult lady cause such a scene and go to such extreme and very unnecessary measures over something so frivolous? | Any way they told her she could not place a ban on me without proper papers. She was fuming and I swear this woman has me mixed up with another person she has a severe hate on for, As I have no clue who she is. The very nice officer highly recommended (kudos to Stettler police officers) contact Dollarama h*o in Montreal, which I tried getting in touch with them by phone and via email to no avail until I finally reached h*o customer service and a lady wrote down the incident, but when I asked you I could call about this case, such as district manger, escalations, h*o secretary , the operations manager, owner, she said I wasnt allowed & that she could only write down the info and send it up the ladder. | It has been a month and a week of trying. I’ve e mailed all head staff members stated above and nothing again! I didn’t want to cause problem as two wrongs don’t make a right. But I received a letter from the district manager who in no way contacted me to take a statement of my side, but he who does not know me banned me from the store All I wanted was is fairness, someone to hear my side and my ban lifted so I don’t have to drive an hour to buy all our supplies for my rescue animals.

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