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Published: 20 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

This individual is nothing but a COWARD and USER. Domenic salvucci is 45 years old and lives home with his mother which is OK but he LOVES to criticize others when he himself is someone who could use improvements. When you are with him, he gets all nervrous and says “BIG HOUSE” and “this is Ulster County and you have to watch out”. He is afraid that someone will hear his conversation and in turn they will know something about his past. It’s NO SECRET Salvucci was arrested for drug dealing back in 1991, so who cares who knows what in Ulster, Dutchess or Green, Or anywhere else here in the Upstate NY. He is constantly having issues with his co-workers and bosses at the Kingston NYS DOT. He has to take time off and for “Mental Reasons” because he feels they are teasing him or doing him wrong when most of it is in his crazy head. He gets angry and frustrated when someone wants to stop for coffee somewhere because HE doesnt like coffee. If you sneeze in front of Salvucci he gets all mad and pissed off because he feels the germs from the sneeze are going to affect him. He is an emotional wreck and it’s a wonder the Job he works for puts up with his nonsense. I tried being his friend and he turns around and gets angry at me for petit non-sense. I can go on and on about this fat slob but it would take 10 pages of text to do so.. EVERYTHING BOTHERS Salvucci. He needs to lock himself away in a cave somewhere away from everyone so nobody pisses him off. If we are in the Chinese Restaurant and someone caughs, he gets all angry and frustrated from that, if you scatch your head in his car, he gets all angry over that because he feels the particles from your hair are somehow going to fall off and affect him (or as he calls the particles “JAM”), if you talk about his stupid cat that recently died, he gets all angry. He is a REAL NUTCASE!

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