Donald J Kindwald

Donald J Kindwald, a fradulant and cheater

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Published: 29 July 2017

Posted by: Dora J. Welch

Donald is a fraud, he is a lawyer in Chicago who claims to be a business expert but in real is only an expert in cheating on his partners. Yes, he is one of those who indulges in partnerships and then later throws them out owning everything to himself.
He is one of the biggest frauds I have come across, he will cheat you in all sorts of business transactions. His greed for money can overtake any sort of promise or guarantee he gives. From his fake smiles to formal handshakes, there is not an ounce of honesty in this person.
Donald was assigned to create the LLC of our venture but later I found that he made himself the sole owner of the LLC for my venture, leaving me nothing. I couldn’t believe how he could do that, but he did. I pinched myself to reality. I felt cheated. His unethical behaviour fradulant ways are just not the way it works in any profession.
However, I am not the only one he ripped, there are several others with whom Donald did a similar thing. I will contact these people and request them to tell the truth about Donald to the world, so that nobody trusts him and ends up working with him. Such men should not be allowed to practice any sort of profession in such fraudulant ways.

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