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Published: 03 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Donald Odell is a low life who will use his kids and wife to make himself seem like a good trustworthy person. HE IS NOT. In my situation I contacted him before Lollapalooza passes had shipped. I needed passes for friends traveling so i wanted assurance they would have them. I paid him $325 dollars to hold 3 passes for me and once they shipped I would give him the rest of the money when we exchange passes for money. In return I met him face to face and took a photo of his drivers license in order to have some insurance. I’m sure now that his ID is fake but the photo is him 100%. As time went by i stayed in contact and when the day came to meet me, after a reschedule of 2 hours, he just never showed up. Stopped taking my calls and returning my texts. It wasnt until I told him I filed a police report that I got a reply, which was him calling yelling at me cursing me out on the phone. My next step was to warn people about this guy and I posted a craigslist ad on Sunday telling people not to work with him. Since then I have gotten around 8 responses from people he stole money from. 3 were out of state, and the rest were local. This guy is literal scum who says shit like “I’ll show you theres still good people out there” or “you seem like a trustworthy guy”. The story he says is that he’s out of town, maybe on vacation in Michigan or visiting family. Sometimes he will say that he’s at work, or the passes are coming in the mail. Dont trust it. If you ask why he’s selling the passes for face value, he will say that he had friends from out of town (Cali, Texas) that cant make it in for various reasons and they were all going to go as a way to get back together and now he isnt going anymore. One friend he will say is from Chicago but doesnt want to go anymore because the other guys arent going. He’s nothing but a lie. His real name has to be Donald Odell. Some people sent him personal checks and one of the victims checked with their bank to verify who the check was deposited by and what the name of the account was and it matched Donald Odell. An additional alias he uses is SARAH LAMB and the phone numbers hes been using are 312 402 7464 or 312 927 1052. I have a photo of his ID but again most likely fake but this is his face. Don’t trust this guy. He is the lowest of low. According to a lawyer, what he did to people out of state could be seen as a federal crime, its just a matter of getting the law enforcement or courts to care. Lets stop this guy. .

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