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Published: 10 February 2018

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Now this is some truly dirty *&%^. Donna L. Russell, in coordination with Maury Wessels, have decided to increase transparency of the Chancery Court in Memphis, TN by taking the judgement records of downtrodden Memphis residents and plastering them all over the front page of Google. Now this is the court’s perogative but I, however, noticed something unusual. I noticed that only the names of Memphis Residents that sounded “Ethnically Black” were showing up all over google. The names that sounded “white” were not in google search results AT ALL! These names were ALL ON THE SAME JUDGEMENT LIST! I went down the list googling each name and every single name that showed in Google belonged to that of a minority. White names DID NOT SHOW. Now for those of you who don’t know Memphis has a terrible job market and a terrible history of chronically high unemployment. Donna L. Russell is the Clerk and Master of the Chancery Court in Shelby County, which is located in Memphis, Tennessee. She came into office during an embezzelment Scam with her court and she said that one way she would combat theft is to increase transparency. How on earth is taking the personal financial records of Memphis residents and plastering them all over the FRONT PAGE of Google to humiliate people who had suffered a job loss, loss of a spouse therefore losing spousal income or a medical emergency increasing transparency of the court? There are MANY records at the Chancery Court that the Chancery Court has chosen not to release to Google. So why release the personal financial failings of BLACK MEMPHIS RESIDENTS? AND NOT WHITE? Again the WHITE NAMES on the JUDGEMENT LIST WERE NOT SENT TO GOOGLE. ONLY THE BLACK SOUNDING NAMES.The Chancery Court uses a company called Affiliated Computer Systems, Inc. that has a website that is PRIVATELY OWNED by a PRIVATE COMPANY but it shows nothing but court records and it has Shelby County Chancery Court all over its site to appear as if its an official court site but if you look at the bottom it is not. However Maury Wessels who is the I.T. Director at the Chancery Court admitted to me that they have PARTNERED with this company. Furthermore, ALL of the judgement records are for two Memphis organizations. In other words the money that is owed is only owed to two distinct Memphis companies that have managed to partner with the courts to place all of this info ONLINE. Was Donna L. Russells Campaign FINANCED by these compaigns in an effort to force CERTAIN INDIVIDUALS to pay up. Problem with this is even AFTER a person pays their records stay online on the FRONT PAGE OF GOOGLE FOREVER. This website even shows every “SINGLE PAYMENT” that is made to the company even AFTER the judgement is filed. This is STRANGE. Courts should NEVER partner with PRIVATE COMPANIES who clearly have a CONFLICT OF INTEREST because in this case Affiliated Computer Systems, Inc. is also a DEBT COLLECTOR. WOW. Chancery Court, in Memphis, TN under the supervision of Donna L. Russell is partnering with a DEBT COLLECTOR. WHO IS ONLY PUTTING THE BLACK DEBTORS ONLINE, AND NOT THE WHITE DEBTORS. Let’s see your financial records Ms. Donna L. Russell. Let’s see your husbands records and your children’s records. You have made the CHOICE to EMBARRASS and HUMILIATE PEOPLE by your actions. Your actions have NOTHING TO DO WITH INCREASING TRANSPARENCY of the court due to the THEFT which took place in YOUR OFFICE. NOTHING! WE WEREN”T THE ONES WHO COMMITTED THE THEFT IN YOUR OFFICE. SO WHY ARE YOU ATTACKING US?! Let’s see you display all of your financial dealings ALL OVER THE FRONT PAGE OF GOOGLE! SHAME ON YOU MS. DONNA L. RUSSELL! DID THAT DEBT COLLECTOR OR THOSE TWO PRIVATE FIRMS FINANCE YOUR CAMPAIGN? DID THEY PAY YOU OFF? ARE THEY GIVING YOU KICKBACKS? I BET ITS ONE OF THEM.

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