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Published: 11 October 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

In 2014 The Don got off parole. He has been on a crime spree since then. No state-sponsored leash on his ass. In 2015 he stole money and materials from the wrong people. He was pressured to run away from his criminal hideout in Richardson, Texas. As of October 2015 he moved to Grand Prairie, Texas in an apartment off 360 a little south of Post and Paddock. He is currently operating his criminal fraudulent enterprise in the Mid-Cities because someone alerted many home-owner associations in Collin and Dallas County as to his bullshit. He has a hard time finding victims in Dallas, Richardson, Plano, Allen, Carrollton McKinney these days. He posts on Craigslist under the business names… 4 STAR HOME REMODELING & REPAIR SPECIALST (dal > DALLAS,KELLER FRISCC,RICHARDSON) map 1 XTREME HOME REMODELING & HANDYMAN SERVICES (Same Day Services ) (dal > Richarson,Plano,Allen,Garland,Dallas) map 1 XTREME HOME REMODELING & HANDYMAN SERVICES (Same Day Services ) (dal > Richarson,Plano,Allen,Garland,Dallas) map He claims he is a professional home remodeler and will make a contract with people to do any type of residential construction work. He then starts the job, asks the homeowner to give him some money for materials and labor, works a little longer, asks for more money, then promptly disappears sometimes stealing material, tools, equipment, other personal property from his victim. He is such a scumbag that he will hire day-laborers to work, work them a couple of days then not pay them. Nice guy, huh? He has been ripping people off in North Texas for the last 25 years (when not in prison). What we want you to do is call his ass out to a vacant house or just somewhere that will waste his time and gas money. He has committed crimes and lived in mostly the North Dallas/Richardson/Plano areas but had to relocate recently to Grand Prairie mainly because he was pressured to leave and is now on the run. He got off parole in 2014 and there is a pattern to his behavior over the last 25 years where he has racked up 45+ felony convictions for theft, assault, DWI, etc. He is on a good run right now, not getting caught yet, laying off the booze, but he always screws up and gets busted then sent back to jail. So, wasting his time is a good thing. Call his ass out to Murphy or Rockwall or Terrell or some place far from Grand Prairie. If you can video record his sales pitch (it is all bullshit) and post it on line. If you really want to screw with him, let him start a job and video record him and his crew, give him some money before he finishes the job, watch him disappear, post it online, send it to the cops and the Texas Attorney Generals Office. He is a serial felon and he is committing fraud when he tricks people into giving him money. He knows fully that he intends to walk off the job and pocket the cash. Total scam. What he does to steal people’s money is a crime in the State of Texas. If you got scammed by him you need to write to the Texas Attorney Generals Office and make a complaint. He is currently at phone numbers Two 1 Fo’ Fo 9 Sleven 97 dblTwos AND four xis 9 eihgt 44 two3s fo’ one – he has many numbers. He posts under different categories on Clist: Services, Real Estate, Community, Skilled Trade, so all you have to do is remove the special characters from the business names listed above and search for his business on Clist. He also changes phone numbers and/or gets people to post using their phone number in place of his. Call him out for a job that doesn’t exist. Keep his ass in-transit, stuck in traffic, or waiting at some house out in the middle of nowhere. Just waste his time as much as you can. This guy has taken dozens of people that we know of for thousands of dollars over the last few years. He will probably be found in an alley somewhere due to a little payback from one of his victims some day. He is a piece of human garbage and there is no reason you should not screw with him. If confronted he will flee. He is a punk. His body is trashed due to alcohol and tobacco consumption. He can’t and won’t fight and he can’t legally carry a firearm so there is no reason to be intimidated about him. There is no way to estimate how many people are looking for him so if he were to get broken into little pieces or bludgeoned and smashed then there would be so many potential suspects that the cops wouldn’t even bother investigating the incident. If you have a homeowner’s association you might want to warn everyone in your neighborhood about him. He drives a b lue 1 98^^8 Do& 37;@dge Ra&&m, Texas license plate number Boy Tuttle Hebron 9/ 9/ 6/ 8 and a bl ack Me& 37;rcedes Cclass. His truck has a huge black box in the bed. You might think it is for tools but no, he uses it as a shield because he knows that at any time a bullet from one of his victims might come flying thru his back window and splatter his head all over the cab. Type his sorry-assed name into search engines on Clist, Google, Bing, etc. and you can read posts from people he has scammed. P.S. Note For Donnie: Fuck You Wigger. You can run but you can’t hide. Bitch. There is a small army looking for you.

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