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Don’t believe a word you hear from Aerokids Education Pvt. Ltd. they are all fraudsters

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Published: 14 January 2017

Posted by: Gabriela W. Jones

All those people who are working for Aerokids Education Pvt. Ltd should be put behind bars for their acts of crime. They are nothing but a bunch of scammers who are fooling people into sending them their money for nothing in return in the name of doing business. I am telling you this after first-hand experience with them that they are anything but business. All they are doing is extorting people of their money. All this in the open. I am still wondering how these guys are still running a business.

People contact them if you want to start a franchise school. Once they have signed the deal with you for a certain amount and you send them the money, they ask you for more money so that the deal signed with them is executed. What kind of treatment is this? Aren’t there people monitoring crooks like these? My friend tried to start an honest business of his own and there were a million restrictions on him and here these guys are extorting people in the open and no one even bats an eyelid. It is a bloody unfair world.

I have already lost so much money because of them and cannot afford lose any more of it. The money that they currently have has been earned through my sweat and blood. Only I am aware of the amount of hard work that I have put into saving all that money. I am enraged and would probably kick them really hard in their butts for the way they have treated me.

My wife and I were looking to open a playschool franchise for a very long time. I did ask a lot asking around and that is when I came across Aerokids Education Pvt. Ltd. My wife was a little sceptical about them at first. It was like her sixth sense was telling her not to get into this deal. But me like an idiot, did not pay her any heed and consoled her into going along with making a deal with them. I regret it to my very core now.

I paid them about half a million as the initial payment and now they say that they want three hundred thousand more. They are saying that unless I pay this extra money they will not let me start the school. They won’t even refund my initial payment either. All my hard work is gone down the drain.

To make things sound even more clichéd, Aerokids Education Pvt. Ltd has this plastered on their website that under normal circumstances would’ve made me laugh, but in this case, only made me angrier. I could spit fire.

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