Door to Door Airways

Door to Door Airways

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Published: 15 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Saw ad olne to purchase a tea cup yorkie for $260. I called the number listed and had several conversations via text with a man name Glean Jasson at 443-488-9942 and 443-330-2485. He stated that he was deaf but after the money went through he called me. The first request was to pay for the puppy name “ANNIE”, he gave me all the details as to what will take place, papers documents, signed and ready to be shipped. He sent me this via text. After the money was paid for purchase he informed mbe that the shipping agency will be sending me information. In an email from petdeliveryairways.outlook. I was told that I needed to pay for freight costs and send the money to Madea Porsha. At first it was $850, but of course he settled for $300 and told me that he would pay the rest because it’s refundable. I wired over the $300 and he sent me a fake air flight ticket from IAWA via email. He said that the puppy will be at my home in the morning and my $300 for the freight cost will be refunded. | I was given a tracking number -GXBOO-99133502 to track the flight on the first page of the website, but the tracking information never changed. It stated that it was still pending for freight costs of $850. Well, the puppy didn’t show up. This group is in Maryland and they did a Walmart to Walmart transaction with me. I hoping that security cameras or something can track the face to the name since they still had to pick up the money from the location. | Be very aware. These are professionals, but with any liar there story or requests and information don’t line up together. I saw 3 flags, and when discussed he gave a very persuading explanation. Remember once the money is gone, they have it. I My hope is in God and vindication will be done from Him. I can’t wait.

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