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Published: 15 February 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I got to tell you, I thought I was a seasoned business man that ran 5 successful businesses and did business on a handshake. You never expect your own neighbor to screw you over, well surprise surprise. My neighbor asked me to look at a building he owned and asked for my suggestions on how to improve the property. I recommended remodeling the place and condoize them as they were perfect little efficiencies on the water in Cocoa Beach. Mr Grandiose also known as Mr. Doug Olds thought he knew better than me and asked me if I was interested in building a new resort condo for him and I declined. After many nights of beer and football and me cooking for him on my smoker I decided to help the guy out and If the project were successful I would make good profit on my money. He seemed like a good honest guy ,well boy I was wrong. I leveraged all my businesses to build a 46,000 sq ft resort for him in cocoa beach and I built it for free. Yes for free. I never even got paid for supplies like cabinets, countertops etc. I gave him 750k which I am sure he did not report to the IRS. Well the project landed right at the height of the recession and we lost it. The project is currently sold out and double returns for all investors. So, I lost my businesses and revenue to raise my kids and these son of bitches still parade around town, driving drunk verbally assaulting tenants at my last few properties. Hey I do not mind starting over and feeding my family peanut butter and jelly, I happen to like it. So, I lost everything except my dignity but these f**** are trying to put me in bankruptcy. I gave them 750k and lost 1.3 million on THEIR project and these losers bad mouth me, his wife drunk off her a** slaps me and drives her car into my building because she is stumbling drunk because the economy collapsed……like it’s my damn fault. Then Fat Doug can only tell me we were never friends and I left my kids over there to play??? Kinda Scary how fake greedy people are just for the love of money. The olds are bad, evil, greedy people I would not suggest ever doing anything with them, not even renting one of there s***hole drug infested apartments. Doug and JB go screw yourselves you fat lazy greed alcoholic b*******! .

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