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Published: 28 December 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I am currently using an attorney Douglas J Brooks. There is quite a bit to my claim in which he said could be handled. First off he was hired to help divorce me from my soon to be ex wife, I paid him a retainer fee of 1500.00 for this. I was gone for 2 weeks to my fathers house to help him out and when came home everything in my house was gone or destroyed. I filed a claim with the insurance company and made a list of everything that was taken. My soon ex wife denied taking anything but later told the insurance company that she did in fact take items. Of course she put the blame on me telling the insurance company that I hid my own items and put them in storage. Needless to say the insurance company quit paying for me a hotel to live in because my ex wife told them this. The insurance company further interrogated me as well as my grandfather. (house was in my name) The insurance company gave a check to me for 7200 for damages in the home. I found a contractor who I thought was credible and was under BBB. I gave him the check but told me it was 15000 in damages and he would deal with my insurance company. The guy ended up taking the check cashing it at Chase Bank forging my signature. I got Douglas Brooks involved in suing Chase Bank and the contractor. I was also told by Douglas J Brooks that he would be able to get my Honda Pilot back for me as it was repossessed. Soon to be ex wife was still driving the car and did not knw of me where-abouts. Douglas Brooks told me if I give him 6500 he could get the Honda back to me free and clear title. If I give him 1000 he would be able to get me into this program to recoup some of the money I have paid him. THere was also 750.00 dollars that was given to him because he said the court needed this to put a restraining order against insurance company and contractor. I have spent almost 10000.00 dollars and have heard nothing about the honda nor the program. Does anyone have advice for me? It would greatly be appreciated, he is still my attorney but I have texted him numerous times and have heard harly anything. The only messages I will get sometimes is that he will call me at a certain time but then never hear. This has been ongoing since September! Still have a tore up house, no vehicle, not divorced absolutely nothing!!! .

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