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Published: 19 December 2017

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The overview of this report is that I worked closely with Dr. Abe Beagles, a.k.a. “Gerry Beagles” for two years, since Sept 2012. The basis of the relationship was to fund and establish a mining project in Panama under his company, “Mother lode Mining Inc.” This report is a heads up to be aware and avoid enormous future headaches and frustration by VERIFYING ALL and anything to do with Dr. Gerry “Abe” Beagles. Those who trusted him and have never seen a nickel of repayment, have run out of patience and want no more to do with him. That is the legacy after two years of wasted time, loss of personal credibility and investment by placing trust and in Dr. Abe Beagles. In early discussions, Abe presented himself as PhD in Geology and Mine Engineering (his declared background per his biography says PhD Geology and Metallurgy). After a period of exploring backgrounds and common interests in mining and water technology, and with my experience in mining in the U.S., we agreed to work together on Business, Financial and Project Start-up Plans for a gold mine project in Panama. A legitimate, highly qualified investor was brought to the table. When that investor required on-site due diligence to verify the gold content, Abe got upset and walked away…the first red flag. Since the Panama gold project would also be a substantial resource of sand and gravel, and there is a scarcity of quality sand in the country, it was decided to make contact with CEMEX, the concrete contractor for the Panama Canal Expansion. Abe said he had CEMEX connections. Meetings were scheduled in Panama. The specific agenda was to secure forward agreements for the acquisition of sand and gravel. The forward funding would provide the money to start the mine. Since Abe said he did not have funds for a Panama trip nor could he raise it from his connections. I contacted my family and friends. Several friends and a family member invested funds with a specific agenda for travel and obtaining contract funding from CEMEX. Legal Agreements were drawn up with promises, guarantees and dates of performance. All were signed by Abe as CEO of Mother Lode Mining, Inc. At the same time, Abe also invited his “friend” Carlos Slim to Panama. Prior to this, Abe had related that Carlos was a friend and that he knew him well. There is no way for me to verify that Abe actually met Carlos Slim in Panama in March 2013. Even though I was in contact with Abe by phone with Abe during his visit to Panama, I did not actually speak to Carlos Slim. Abe had maintained that Carlos Slim was the CEMEX CEO. It looked like a done deal if this was true! Abe did not realize until it was discovered and disclosed to him on the phone the night before the meeting the next day with CEMEX that Slim was NOT the CEO of CEMEX. Slim is the CEO of a Mexico-based competitor to CEMEX. Another red flag… When Slim arrived in Panama, Abe invited him to the CEMEX meeting! Abe verbally related to me that Slim questioned his reasoning but Abe was all for it. At the meeting, according to Abe, the CEMEX CFO floated the idea of CEMEX funding the project. The end of the story is that CEMEX was interested in the sand and gravel under contract and even the potential of funding of the mine. CEMEX actually tested the sand provided by Abe, not from the actual project river but from another river source. The sand met the requirements for the Panama Canal but CEMEX never responded with interest for additional discussions. No reasons were given but it was clear from the two meetings that CEMEX was very apprehensive about any involvement of Carlos Slim. Abe clouded the picture by suggesting the potential of mining the Panama western rivers to Slim after his arrival. Carlos Slim, according to Abe, then became interested only in sand from the “western rivers” in Panama for future road building into Columbia. When Slim understood the western river potential, he did not want to fund an “eastern river gold project”. Looking back 18 months ago, these actions were all red flags. Abe’s personal background is clouded in obscurity that is difficult to verify. Abe claims his grandfather was a highly successful US mining magnate of the early 20th century. From a humble beginning of selling picks and shovels to California miners according to Abe, the grandfather incorporated Mother lode Mining Inc. (MLM) as a “UBO” (Unincorporated Business Organization). You won’t find much on UBOs with a web search. According to Abe, the company did very well and apparently went public in 1986 on the AMEX. The family supposedly backed out of the company management after the IPO, as the story goes. Records that verify his family involvement in MLM could not be verified. Abe says he was the MLM Geologist. After leaving MLM after the public offering, the Grandfather, now 112 (or more) and his father, 92 years of age (or more), are, according to Abe, alive and well and mining in Guatemala. There is no way to verify this and Abe would only say how difficult it is to communicate with someone in Guatemala. More red flags… According to Abe, a team of lawyers now oversees a multi-billion dollar family Trust Fund in Canada established by his Grand-Dad (as he calls him). Abe says he is the third Trustee after the Grand-Father and Father. When asked why he (Abe) could not fund the Panama project himself, he said that in 1994, when the Grand-dad and Father went to Guatemala to mine, he (Abe) decided not to participate, in effect, taking himself out of obtaining funds from the Trust…even as “third Trustee”! Abe would say he wanted to “do it himself”. However, when I first met Abe, he spoke openly about his “rights” to $70M of funds in the Trust. Abe prides himself on convincing others with promises to get things done for his benefit, but never really being able to perform on verbal or written promises to pay back anything. He never wants to use his own money for anything. He said this was how Grand-Dad operated. Another investor group showed interest in funding the Panama Project but wanted to ensure that the funded entity had sufficient net worth. Abe revealed a summary of cash position net worth of approximately $8M. The funds were in U.S. off-shore accounts. He said this summary did not include the physical assets. Later, when asked why he did not fund the Panama project himself with these funds, he explained that he had lost all these cash assets. The reasons given were that a Nigerian Bank went bankrupt and that he had shorted the gold market in 2013 and lost all…if that is to be believed. More red flags… In his Bio, Abe stated that he attended the Kamskij Institut in Russia from 1970-1972, receiving PhD degrees in Geology and Metallurgy (not Mining Engineering as verbally claimed). When an expert was consulted as to the likelihood of his receiving dual PhDs in Russia, the answer was unlikely in that time frame of history (height of the cold war). The feedback was that it was certainly not feasible to obtain two PhDs in Russia in a three year time frame. It would take a minimum of 4-5 years of concentrated study. The Kamskij Institut responded by email that the institution was not founded until the early 1990s. Abe never provides credentials or affiliations with Professional Associations…a red flag according to the expert. So many questions for what should be straightforward! Abe stated in writing that if this rip-off report were published, that there were factions in the government that would “show me the light”…those that are keeping his identity “hidden”. Abe made this statement because he claims to have received a political appointment by the President as a four-star General to the position as head of Special Forces Operations headquartered in the Pentagon. He also claims this was done because he was a Geologist, the perfect cover in a military, Pentagon-based, “Special Operations” position. He further bragged that he was the third most powerful position in government…after the President! Looking back over Abe’s background, the common thread is that this it is all very difficult, if not impossible to verify….and he does not want anyone digging as threats will follow! The perfect cover… Background checks produce little information….red flag!! Anyone who has known Abe long enough would seriously doubt that Abe could have ever been in such a position. It is a strain in belief to accept the idea. Abe has personally told so many about his “secret” exploits with nary a concern about keeping his supposedly “secret life”… secret! Abe would often refer with pride to his military and government service. He said he was appointed by the US President as the head of Special Forces Operations as a Four Star General. With extensive background in the military and relationships, no one who has heard this story believes it. Moreover, he claimed to have led the Iran-Contra Operation in the 1980s and that Oliver North worked for him. When the now-retired person who actually led this operation for the CIA was contacted, he said that he had never heard of Abe or Gerry Beagles. When once gets to know Abe, it becomes apparent that he does not provide all the information. He calls this “need to know”. It is his credo. You don’t get all the information unless you have a need to know…and you won’t know what it is that you don’t know….until you find out the consequences later. Call it truth distortion by omission. He is a Master at this. Abe’s distortions of truth are of the both the commission and omission varieties and there are many who will attest to this. There are a number of examples of distortion of truth by “commission”. Here are a few examples: Abe claimed an area of a Panama River mouth where the Panama mine operation was to commence was within a legal concession owned by Panama Mining of Golden Cycle (PMGC). On the maps provided by Abe and the Panama concession owner, the area of the operations was clearly outside the concession. When Abe was asked about the discrepancy, he claimed he had personally verified the coordinates on the ground with GPS and in the Mineral Office and the maps were incorrect. Later, independent due diligence found this not to be the case as verified at the same Panama Mineral Office. Positions with UTC and Latitude/Longitude coordinates could easily be established with Google Earth on 2013 images. There was no discrepancy. The implication is that legitimate investors reviewing the project would not realize that a crucial point of legality of ownership/control was in question. How could someone who claims to have been at the Panama Mineral Office and on the ground to know position, have known otherwise? Red Flag When it was discussed that an NI 43-101 report would be important for obtaining the interest of a legitimate investor for the Panama project, Abe claimed he had made contact with the “Qualified Person”, who authored an NI 430-101 report for this whole Concession area of Panama. Abe claimed that the Qualified Person (PhD Geologist/respected expert) had agreed to let him amend the report to show dredging test results he had obtained on the sandbar at the Panama river mouth. Abe made the amendments to the Ni43-101 report and issued the report to investors in the name of his company, Mother Lode Mining Inc. Abe told me that the Qualified Person had agreed to the amendments/updates. Months later, in a discussion with the Qualified Person, it was discovered that this geologist had never heard of Dr. Abe Beagles and had never authorized any alteration of the report. One can draw their own conclusion as to what this means. Abe said he had agreements in hand to verify Mother Lode Mining control of the Panama Concessions from the Concession Holder, Juan Carlos “JC” Franchesi, President of Panama Mining of Golden Cycle PMGC). Through due diligence conducted in 2014, it was discovered that JC Franchesi, the “owner” of the Concessions is considered to be the “poster boy” of Panama corruption. Through his corrupt connections in the Panama Mineral Office, Franchesi allegedly “stole” the PMGC Concessions from a legitimate US citizen/company holder. Other legitimate sources came along to verify that Franchesi made a business of conning individuals and companies based on false representations of ownership of the concessions and other equipment. Before this was discovered, in fall 2013, a US investor represented by an attorney expressed interest in investment in the Panama project. As part of due diligence, the attorney hired a Panama law firm to verify the concession ownership. Abe was not happy about this. This hired attorney wanted to speak directly with Franchesi’s attorney. Abe had to be convinced to make that connection. When the attorneys made a connection, information would not be provided by the attorney without Franchesi’s authorization. Franchesi never gave the authorization. This had a huge credibility impact on those who made the project introduction to the U.S. attorney/investor. Then there is the rest of the story. When serious questions started to arise about PMGC (Franchesi) ownership of the concessions, it was apparent that more due diligence was needed. With luck, and without Abe’s knowledge, connections were made with trusted people in Panama who had been highly recommended. When the Panama Mineral Office was contacted in August 2014, after the change in Administration from President Martinelli, an investigation ensued. The Panama Mineral Office issued signed and certified letters that PMGC had never held mineral concessions in Panama. Further, the legal position was that PMGC or any entity could not venture, sub-lease or sub-contract on Panama concessions without the approval of the government of all entities involved. In November 2013, Abe ended up in Ghana, country rife with scammers and con-artists and he fully realized this to be so. At one point, based on verbal assurances of personal responsibility, funds were provided to Abe to close a gold deal so that he could pay pack his obligations. He said the he had personally verified the gold as authentic. The funds realized from this transaction would be the first step in compensation for all involved. There was concern whether Abe would be able to control the situation and protect the funds. This was discussed with him in detail over the phone. It was the day before Christmas 2013 and late in the afternoon. The local refinery would close at 5pm local time for the holiday weekend. The short story of the outcome is that Abe lost the funds to close the deal in a scam. In a later conversation unknown to Abe, a legitimate Ghana contact was present with him for the deal. This person strongly advised Abe to not close the deal that day as there was not enough time before the refinery closed. He would not be able to take physical possession of the gold. He was advised to wait until the day after Christmas. Abe ignored the advice and did not take physical control of the gold. The gold was put into a hotel vault requiring two signatures for release. The Ghana “seller” holding the gold got “sick” for a number of days after Christmas (2013)… suspicions arose. When delays continued, Abe went to the hotel to check on the gold in the vault. It was no longer there. It turned out that the second shift manager was the brother-in-law of the seller of the gold. Both were long gone. These were the “boots on the ground” actions of a self-proclaimed, “professional” gold buyer? Abe blamed those who provided the funds to close the deal because he felt “pressured”. To anyone reading this, does this sound like the head of Pentagon Special Operations for the US as a “appointed Four Star General”? Abe has also conducted business under a 501-C3 Non-Profit called the Lori Jane Foundation. This report is also found on this Rip-Off Site: Lori Jane Foundation, Abe Owner, Seller E-Bay Auto Sales E-Bay Auto Sales lets con artists do business… Sacramento California . The reader can make their own assessment. On 8 July 2014, the following was published on the MBendi website: www.mbendi.com/a_sndmsg/news_view.asp?I=152480&PG=300 “The CEO of Mother Lode Mining, Inc. Dr. Abe Beagles, on June 10th announced that the company had received a loan from Iteico Investment Group, a large development and investment company for the UAE had signed the final loan agreement giving MLM a $55,000,000.00 loan for a term of 5 years with a convertible clause in it for the interest to be converted to equity in it Panama Rio Concepcion Project. The terms stated that MLM would buy out Panama Mining of Golden Cycle a corporation in Panama for a negotiated price of $25,000,000.00, the corporation owns over 62,000 acres of Concessions in the gold rich eastern seaboard of the country”… In fact, Panama Mining of Golden Cycle has never had legal possession of any concession in Panama. This fact can be verified by anyone with a visit to the Panama Mineral Office. The intention of this report is to provide awareness to anyone contemplating a business relationship with Dr. Abe Beagles. There are additional examples of distortions of the truth. Some instances were contrived to assess Abe’s ability to tell the truth. He failed miserably. Others whom I have contacted who have had previous business relationships with Abe, no longer want anything to do with him….for much the same reasons. All are cautioned to not trust the “aw shucks” …“good Ole Boy from Texas” routine. Abe is a Master of deception and illusion. He likes to play the game of “I’m the seventh generation direct descendant of President Abraham Lincoln”. He may resemble the former President, but he is certainly has shown himself to this group of people involved with him in Panama that he is the OPPOSITE in character to the 16th President. Abe recently skype chatted that he has no intention of fully repaying my friends and family except what was invested plus an “appropriate interest rate”. This position is in breach of contracts he has signed with performance dates and guarantees. After 18 months of promises, these investors, including myself who also provided funds to him, have given Abe many, many opportunities in 18 months of time to perform. It is always one more verbal promise that has completely changed by the next conversation. When a table for negotiation was set to attempt to resolve the situation, Abe said he would make the payments and verbally agreed to a detailed plan. At the end of this statement skype chat was the caveat, “I am going to say this again, THIS IS AFRICA and because of that you can plan your ass off and still you never know what is going to happen, so I am not giving out any kind of a contract that you guys can hang over my head again, once bitten twice shy…”. After 18 months of numerous, continuing, unfulfilled promises and discovering the truth about Abe and his distortions of the truth, this will go on no longer. Abe has shown himself to always be less than honest. He shades and hides the truth. By his own words to me, he uses others. He works with others who have been exposed as con-artists, i.e. Juan Carlos Franchesi of Panama. All of what is stated here is supported by emails, text chat messages, legal documents from Panama and direct personal experience , phone conversations and emails from Abe to friends, a family member and myself, each of who invested in Dr. Abe Beagles, Mother Lode Mining Inc., and the Panama Project and lost money. .

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