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My experience with Dr. Adrian was painful and infuriating.

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Published: 20 June 2019

Posted by: Claudio

After my experience with this guy, I realized that there are plenty of terrible doctors out there. I had stomach cancer and he couldn’t even diagnose that! I had visited his clinic after having some gastric trouble. He was my Primary care doctor so I used to visit him regularly. He just gave me some medicine and told me to relax. The discomfort wouldn’t go and I began complaining about it more often. My condition was worsening with each day and I wasn’t experiencing any kind of relief. I didn’t know what to do. When I didn’t get any relief even after a few weeks, I asked him about it. He gave me the same reply but told me to undergo a number of tests as well. I did and that was it. It went on for a few months. This guy was treating my case carelessly. According to him, I had kidney stones and that’s why I was having so much pain in my abdomen. He told me to undergo the treatment for the same and get tested as well. I got tested for it and we found out that I didn’t have any stones. The worse thing is, I was certain I didn’t have kidney stones because I was feeling the pain in my stomach. He then told me that I might have an ulcer and he prescribed me with medicine for the same. The medicine didn’t give me much relief. I can’t explain what a horrible experience it was. I was just going through life thinking I had some problem related to gas or ulcers. After wasting so much time, money and energy, I ended up going to see another physician. When that other physician saw my symptoms and heard about what had happened, he told me to get tested for stomach cancer. I got tested and we found out that I had stomach cancer. I was experiencing so much pain and discomfort for these months and all this time, I had cancer! What kind of physician Adrian is? Does he even know what he is supposed to do? I think he’s a stupid, ignorant and careless doctor who shouldn’t be allowed to practice. If I would’ve trusted him with my treatment any further, I might’ve died. That guy doesn’t care. When I told him that I had cancer, he was surprised. He was more shocked by the fact that I went to see another doctor without consulting with him. I wouldn’t recommend his services to anyone. I don’t think he’s a reliable doctor. In fact, I believe he is a big load on the planet and he isn’t doing any good to anyone. Doctors like him shouldn’t be allowed to practice. He wasted so many weeks and gave me useless advice. Now I’m undergoing treatment for cancer and I’m hoping that I’ll make it out of it. However, If I had found out earlier then my chances of making it would’ve been higher.

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