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This has ruined my credit massively.

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Published: 13 July 2019

Posted by: Lauren

Before I start writing this review I would like to clarify that I am not an internet guy and don’t have much knowledge about how it works, however, I felt that it is my responsibility as a citizen of Dallas, Texas to share my experience with Dr. Alfredo Garcia to ensure that people know what they are getting themselves into before they make any major mistake. I hope you learn something of value from my experience.

Stay away from Dr. Alfredo Garcia! This guy and his staff are going to destroy your whole credit for nothing. I went to Dr. Alfredo Garcia’s office in 2016 so that he can run a couple of blood tests in order to determine the condition I have. I found out about this doctor from his online Google Maps profile where he had a flawless 5-star rating at the time. I was naïve enough to think that he was the best one in the area. As I mainly use cash for the small transactions, I went to the reception to ask them the cost of the blood tests. They said that they will be sending it to the lab and they actually have no idea about its cost. They added that I will get my bill at my house mail however I never received any of the bills in my mail. I only received a call from one of their staff members who called to get customer feedback from me on the phone after verifying my home address and name. The staff was trying to gather some data about my education and income as well, which was quite suspicious in my opinion. Why the hell would it matter to a doctor, I just did not see the point so I didn’t share such details with them. I assumed that they will start charging me more if I say that I am a Harvard graduate. I waited for the bill but I never received it. I never received any type of documents in the mail from Dr. Alfredo Garcia or his office. However, a few days ago I received a call from a collections company and they were stating that I owe money to Dr. Alfredo Garcia and I should release it on an immediate basis. I clarified the situation to them and told them that I would be happy to pay the bill but I don’t know how to pay it as I haven’t even received the bill. The collector guy told me that he will be mailing me the copy of the bill. He said that Dr. Alfredo Garcia’s office claims that they have sent 13 bills to me but I haven’t paid any of them. Oh really? I just don’t get it. The doctor’s office as all the details necessary to send me the bill, I gave my home phone number at the reception and even then they failed to process the bill. And sending my case to a collection company was just disrespectful.

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