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Published: 26 April 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

My wife had been a patient of Dr. Andrew A. Konen’s for about five years. She has various ailments. Degenerative disk disease, Osteoporosis, Arthritis. These all contribute to my wife’s level of pain. She’s recently broken her clavicle and small finger of her left hand. He has over the past five years precribed more and more pain medications. Some of which she now needs a doctor’s help to get off of. Some could cause seizures if stopped without help of a physician. The plan up until a couple of months ago with Dr. Konen had been to do just that. He was going to formulate a plan to lessen the dosages to help my wife get off some of the more meds. This is now just a bad memory for us. He has stated all kind of things when I have been there with my wife. His staff is manned by the most petty, insensitive bunch of ethnic women I have ever had the displeasure to meet. This doctor was supposed to take an oath to “”Do no harm””. Well here’s the kicker. Last month my wife visited him at his office and she was in so much pain she was crying while in his office waiting room while waiting to see him. This to me seems quite normal if someone is in real pain. Thats why you go to a doctor. Logical. This month my wife went in for her next scheduled checkup and she was greeted by his typical insensitivity. He came running out of a back office area and immediately started to yell at her in front of the whole office staff and the other folks in the waiting room. Naturally she began to cry out of fear and uncertainty for what her future had to hold relating to her need for continued treatment and still the need to get weaned off some of the medications that shes taking. This was totally uncalled for. What a jerk. Doctor Konen should have escorted her to a consultation room and had a private conference with my wife about whatever issues he had. This did NOT happen. He then informed my wife he would no longer treat her and dismissed her on the spot. BEWARE of Dr. Andrew A. Konen. His office staff is mean, insensitive and ignorant. Do not seek his help for your medical needs. He may abuse you like he abused my wife. SHAME on you Doctor Konen. Where’s your hypocratic oath now?? Or did you forget why you became a Doctor? Just a word to the wise. Thanks for listening.

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