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He is a monster who destroyed my face!!!

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Published: 11 July 2019

Posted by: Ruben

This Doctor told me he would do a very non-invasive surgery which would be very subtle and give me a refreshed look. He said it would take me a brief period to recover. When I woke up right after surgery it was because of a lot of pain. I was totally swollen beyond belief as he proceeded to say, \”Handsome lad, stop it! I just ripped all the muscles off the bones of your face. This will take a while to heal\”

I was in a state of shock as I saw my face swelling up with blood. Contents stored in my forehead and it was a drastic scene in the room, but this monster was still relaxed as if nothing had happened. Only I knew what was going on with my face. The doctor was ripping off my side jawline as if he was doing some kind of experiment on a dead body. He joined the latter with my gum lines so that it could hold my face in the shape but this did not work well because half of my face was hanging below my lips. This made me look very ugly and shabby.

My appearance, however, is certainly a minor concern, compared to my chronic pain, limited head mobility, and search for a plastic surgeon willing to remove the sutures. Theoretically, this would relax my muscles, relieve pain, and restore movement. But practically, I could not move my head or neck for 4 months, slight movement returned, but it is always with severe pain. I have been through neurologists, MRIs, 6 months of unsuccessful physical therapy. Botox was ruled out as too risky because of my difficulty swallowing and holding my head upright.

My platys still contract continually. I ask people if they can see it – I feel like a whale flagellating. NO, but they see my uneven mouth when speaking, and my difficulty speaking/swallowing at times. I can never forget about it. It is either excruciatingly painful or contracting back and forth like a door being open and shut. I now have extreme nerve damage, asymmetry, cannot eat without getting food stuck in between the top of my gum line and the top of my entire mouth because it\’s completely numb. Jacono cut through my mouth all along the gum line without any consent, my nose twitches, my one nostril flares, and twitches. I have had extensive physical therapy on my face. People have asked if I was in an accident.

I\’m not sure how this man is still in business. Because of this experience, my confidence has totally plummeted. I was a handsome 20-year-old man who just wanted to look refreshed. I do not recommend this Doctor at all. In fact, please tell everyone to stay away! This has been one of my worst experience and a very dangerous one too. All of this becomes even worse because of the attitude of the guy. He didn’t even apologize for such a botched procedure.

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