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Published: 19 July 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Would not recommend Dr. Andrew Ress to my worst enemy! I had surgery on my wrist. When the bandages were removed three days later, the surgery site looked burned and had blisters on it . Weird. My surgery site bled for weeks. I kept going back every week with blood and fluid leaking from the surgery site. I had severe pain every single day! I still do. When I saw Dr. three days after my surgery and told him I was in severe pain, he said ” I used to practice on dogs when I was in medical school, and the dogs would never complain after surgery”. I was baffled and didnt know what to say to his response to my pain. My surgery was months ago, it is healed, but severly scarred and numb in several places overall. Not once during my several visits did Dr. ask me how my hand was doing, how my mobility was, pain,loss of strength.. nothing!He would just ask to see the surgery site from across his table, and would say “Ok, Ill see you next month” And at one point, “Ok,, your ready to go back to work”… Only problem was , my hand was completely numb from surgery and i couldnt even pull my pants down on my own to use the bathroom! It seemed he only cared about getting me out and getting paidhis bonus from the wormans comp insurance for sending me back to work. I switched to a better doctor, and he actually pays attention to my well-being and recovery. Please do your research and go somewhere better and where the doctors are properly trained.

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