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Published: 13 October 2018

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Several things have come to light about the noted Dr. Andrew Ress who practices at 6877 SW 18th St h201, Boca Raton, Florida. In a key complaint posted by a patient of this plastic surgeon, it was stated that a minor operation was required on the patient’s wrist. On the third day post surgery, the bandage was taken off and the patient was shocked to see how the wrist looked with the skin having a burnt appearance and an army of blisters. The nurse said that it was a normal thing and would be okay within a week or so. The patient was discharged and discovered that there was bleeding from the site upon reaching home. This took place for more than one week. Every week, the patient visited for a follow-up since the condition was worsening. Fluid kept coming out along with bleeding. There was huge pain ever since the day the patient got admitted.

Upon asking the doctor, he nonchalantly stated how he would practise on dogs while at medical school and how they did not complain post surgery. The patient waited for several months and the surgery site finally healed but with innumerable scars. Some areas near the site are still numb and when the doctor last saw the patient, he only stated that the patient could start work even though the hand remained absolutely numb. To this, Dr. Ress stated blatantly that it was not his problem. This suffering patient clearly indicated how Dr. Ress remained concerned about the insurance payment and bonus for making the person fit to resume work. This patient has clearly said that Dr. Ress is a horrible surgeon and should not be recommended to anyone. You can read more here (if you scroll down past the fake reviews that is!)- www.ripoffreport.com/reports/dr-andrew-ress-trusted-business-ripoff-report-verified-safe-businesses-you-can-trust-liv-plastic-surgery-to-inspire-hope-to-raise-level-of-persons-beauty-inside-out-to-make-people-healthier-self-assured-self-fulfilled-by-providing-the-best-care-to-every-patient-dr-andrew-ress-staff-at-liv-plastic-surgery-will-create-nourish-sustain-body-you-desire/boca-raton-florida-33433/dr-andrew-ress-plastic-surgeon-boca-raton-florida-1154352.

Another complaint was posted online here where the complainant clearly revealed what goes on at Dr. Andrew Ress’s practice called Liv Plastic Surgery. This person actually worked there for close to one year and revealed how Dr. Ress was a poor surgeon and several staff members there have also confirmed the same. Another person even got a facelift done from Dr. Ress since he seemed trustworthy. However, the final results were terrible and the patient has been scarred for life now.
What is more interesting is that Dr. Ress has given in to greed before. In a medical malpractice case of the past, Dr. Ress has been found guilty of performing a surgery that was absolutely unecessary in a case of bilateral postpartum atrophy and inverted nipple on left. The injury was caused due to bilateral breast augmentation with periareolar lift on the left. The lawsuit was filed on 6/21/2005 in Palm Beach and the final disposition was made on 12/10/2007. Andrew M. Ress & Associates, MDPA were taken to court after a period of 90+ days. The case was eventually settled by the two parties but this clearly shows how greedy the man is and how incompetent based on these reviews. It remains to be seen now whether other victims come forward to unite against this doctor who seems to have built a thriving practice over the years.

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