Dr. Andrew W. Kalin

An irresponsible and negligent doctor!

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Published: 15 July 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I had started visiting his clinic after a surgical procedure. He is supposed to be an expert in pain medicine. However, I don’t know if he has any idea what pain medicine is. This guy kept making me take injections and a bunch of pills. But his procedures didn’t provide me with any results. I ended up leaving his clinic because he wasn’t able to mitigate my pain. I can’t tell you how horrible it feels when you pay a guy to do something and he fails to do so. He had prescribed me some pills which I was supposed to take 3 times a day. In the beginning, he gave me a bunch of painkillers and told me that I needed to take them twice a day. But when I told him that they weren’t helping much, he increased the dosage and told me to take them 3 times a day. I was hoping that he could give me an injection or something like that. But no, he was too scared to do that. Instead, he gave me so many painkillers that I couldn’t live without them. He had given me more than enough dosage and at that time, I didn’t know that he had done such a horrible thing. My family members and colleagues at work noticed that I was taking strong painkillers frequently. They all started to express their concerns and when I discussed this issue with Dr. Andrew, he told me that I shouldn’t worry at all. I went to his clinic for months. And all that time, he was making me addicted to these painkillers. If it wasn’t from my family and colleagues, I might’ve become a serious drug addict because of Dr. Andrew. But they stopped me and told me to see another doctor. This other doctor gave me injections and stopped my prescription. He told me that I was taking more than the necessary dosage of the painkillers and it was harmful to my body. I was damaging other organs of my body through those pills.

When I realized that I was really taking too many painkillers, I discussed the same with Dr. Andrew. That guy told me that he was doing his job and there was nothing wrong with that. He didn’t feel any guilt or remorse for risking my life. I’m pretty sure that he had a tie-up with the pharmacy. He must’ve been earning a good commission from those drugs. I trusted that guy so much that when the other doctor questioned my prescription, I told him that I had urged Dr. Andrew to increase my dosage. But this other doctor made me realize that Dr. Andrew had increased my dosage too much and it could’ve made me sick. I could’ve developed a bunch of different complications because of the negligence of Dr. Andrew. Don’t make the mistake of trusting this guy. Avoid this guy and go someplace else where the doctor is really responsible.

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