Dr. Angela Shelton

Dr. Angela Shelton arrested in hit and run case.

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Published: 11 August 2017

Posted by: Blanche J. Holman

Hit and runs are not uncommon, but things get crazy when the driver is a physician. It was just another day for Florida based, 44-year-old Dr. Angela Shelton who was at her hair removal clinic till she learnt that there was a warrant for her arrest. She turned herself in later that night.

Last April, Shelton was driving in the outside lane of eastbound County Road 512 near 104th Avenue, which is a lonely cross. That is where her 2011 Buick Enclave struck Nickolas Kenesky. According to the Florida Highway patrol, Shelton did not even realize that her car had collided with anyone or anything, till much later when she reached home and saw that there was damage to the front end of her vehicle.

Nickolas Thomas Kenesky was 36 and a resident of Sebastian. Kenesky’s girlfriend, Jennifer Sieminski, had waited for this day for nine long months since the fatal accident took place and said she was relieved to know that the Shelton may end up in prison for driving away. She added that this was this would help her gain closure knowing that there was some action being taken.

After the accident, the Kenesky’s family visited the impound lot and took pictures of a dark Buick Enclave which had extensive front end damage. They say that the number plates and type of the car in the impound lot matches Dr. Shelton’s as is noted in the police report. Meanwhile, Sieminski is curious how Shelton’s car sustained such heavy damage and still she didn’t report to the police. She adds that there is no way Shelton didn’t see Kenesky given the fact that the front of her vehicle is ripped apart.

Andrew Metcalf, who is Shelton’s lawyer, calls it a tragic incident and adds that she didn’t realize she hit someone, but once she was back home she did call the contacted law enforcement and he adds that her calling the police is even noted by Florida Highway Patrol. He concluded by saying that they will plead not guilty to felony hit-and-run.

Sieminski, on the other hand, added that she will attend every day of the trial of the woman who killed “Big Nick.” She adds that Nick was such an easy-going guy who got along with everybody and who loved to make people including her smile. She concluded by saying that he was a Mama’s boy who has a great relationship with his mom.

Law enforcement didn’t reveal the reason why the investigation took nine months to get to trial. The Kenesky’s family are clear that they want to send the message out loud that you cannot hit someone and drive away without facing consequences.

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