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Dr. Angelo Tsirbas Pty. Ltd.

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Published: 25 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I had an absolutely horrible encounter with Angelo Tsirbas and I would never recommend him to ANYBODY. I consulted with him regarding an issue with my eyelids. He spoke to me a very hostile and condescending manner and made continuous inappropriate and passive aggressive remarks towards me. During the consultation I asked him what he thought about my problem and he turned the question around asking me what I thought was wrong with my eyes. I said I wasn’t sure but repeated some of the previous recommendations I was given at other consultations. He said he was recommending something else and so I asked why I might have been given a different diagnosis in the past, this question seemed to anger him and he gave me a “how dare you question me. accept my advice and shut up” kind of response. I began feeling very uncomfortable , because this is fair question to ask before someone has surgery. I told him my medical history of having 3 surgeries for strabismus (crossed eyes) and after listening he then told me that he had *decided* that I’m trying to fix minor things, and that I would have been better off without strabismus surgery. He literally had no idea what I looked like before meeting him or my medical condition, he was completely uninformed, but he began to chastise me relentlessly. I have dealt with this issue my whole life and this is no way to speak to someone about a sensitive issue. By the time he was done berating me I almost started to cry, and said to him “Do you know why I had the surgery?” “Why?!” He responded in degrading tone of voice, I responded that I needed to surgery so I could read without headaches every half an hour. He grunted as a response. He then put drops in my eyes to raise my eyelids and asked me if I liked how they looked and I said I wasn’t sure, and asked if I could look at the before photos to assess the difference. He became enraged again and raised his voice at me saying “Why would you need to look at the photos?! JUST ANSWER THE QUESTION”. I said I think it looks ok. A bit of time passed and he asked me again if I liked the way they looked, and I wasn’t sure if I was seeing things but they looked different “Are they different than before?” “IT DOESN’T MATTER” he yelled at me. I was confused and again said I think it looks ok. He later told me that the drops were wearing off and changing my eyelid position which is why I was unsure of what I was seeing. I couldn’t understand why he didn’t just tell me that instead of yelling at me. I made it clear multiple times that I was feeling uncomfortable with the way he was speaking to me, with the condescending remarks and horrible tone of voice, but he was relentless. For the remainder of the consultation he kept saying things like “what kind of person needs to look at photos of themselves”, he said it over and over again in different ways, saying there was something wrong with me for wanting to compare the photos in order to be able to assess the difference. He spent no time telling about the procedure or risks – since he spent the whole time verbally assaulting me. I even forgot to ask a couple of important questions. I left feeling extremely shaken by the way I was treated and spoken to. I would never recommend him to anybody. I was kind and polite the whole time, but he was nothing but unprofessional, disrespectful, hostile, bullying, insulting and aggressive towards me. He is obviously a person who uses his position of power to treat people like rubbish. If you chose to see him I’d recommend bringing someone along to the consultation as a witness.

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